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Packaging Supplies

  1. Why Are Biohazard Specimen Bags So Important?

    You must have come across plastic bags that have 'biohazard' symbol printed on them. These biohazard Specimen Bags are largely used in the medical industry to carry biological material from one facility to another or a test has to be performed on certain specimen. 


    The patients' information is usually written on the bag in order to prevent any mismanagement when diagnosing laboratory results. Every medical facility may have their own color coding to identify different types of biological material so that no confusion occurs when

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  2. Hand Safety Basics for an Industrial Workplace

    Hand injuries are the second most commonly observed workplace hazard. According to the research conducted by the American Society of Safety in 2015 that involved a survey with 400 professionals, two out of five workplace injuries are hand injuries resulting from cuts and abrasions. Hand injuries can be costly for industries, as they cause loss of man hours as well as employee compensation if the company provides insurance facility.

    Industrial Gloves

    Therefore, it is necessary to understand certain basics related to hand injuries. Most of the injuries happen in oil, gas, construction, and manufacturing industries. It is possible to prevent injuries that can be sustained at home and in the workplace. 

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  3. Digital and Flexographic Printing for Custom Labels

    Custom labels are a practice followed by many of the businesses to personalize them to connect more easily with their customers. There are many ways in which custom labels can be printed; however flexographic printing and digital printing methods are more popular due to the flexibility and cost-effective options they introduce.


    Flexographic Printing

    This high-quality printing solution makes use of plastic plates or flexible rubber that print images on a substrate. The plates stick to a printing cylinder and have the ability to transfer images to a variety of substrates including metallic films, fluorescent labels, coated papers,

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  4. Consider Human Senses When Optimizing Packaging Design

    Human consumers are the ones you target to sell your product to. As humans, we distinguish our thoughts and decisions through the five senses which have been observed by marketing specialists for years, in designing products, as well as product packaging. Let's focus on how triggering the human senses through packaging design can potentially drive them to purchasing your product.

    packaging supplies


    Obviously, consumers notice the color, shape and text your product packaging displays and a visually distinct packaging makes you stand out from your competition. Here, make sure you do the exact opposite of what your competitors are doing. For example,

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  5. Tips for Designing an Experience-Driven Packaging

    The packaging box is a significant part of a customer's journey. Who doesn't like to feel special? We all like to, don't we? Making a buyer feel special about his purchase can turn out huge benefits to you as a brand. Creating an incredible unboxing experience needs sincere efforts and a creative vision. The best way to understand this is to step yourself into the customers' shoes and thinking from their perspective. No doubt, customer trend constantly changes, but certain factors still remain constant.

    Packaging Supplies

    Packaging is as Important as Your Product

    Although product quality matters, packaging plays a key role in triggering customer's buying decision.

    Here are a few tips to help you innovate an experience-driven

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  6. Important Tips to Avoid Packaging Downtime

    Packaging downtime means a huge loss to the company's bottom line. Although there are several reasons for the downtime to occur, keeping your packaging machinery up-to-date with regular maintenance at timely intervals can prevent this.

    Packaging Materials

    Practice Preventive Maintenance

    This strategy is a full-proof mechanism against saving your business from facing any kind of discrepancies. Once you have a predefined preventive maintenance schedule, it becomes easier to keep a check on obsolete/non-functional parts. With technicians intervening regularly, you are at the least risk of a sudden breakout.

    Measure Optimum Output During Uptime

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  7. What is the Temperature Resistance of Your Packaging Material?

    It is important to understand the temperature limits of your Packaging Material when it comes to packing hot or cold items in a specific form. While many times it is a matter of confusion whether a foam container is safe to go into the microwave or the oven-safe container is safe to be kept in the freezer, here is a helpful guide to understand the temperature limits of your packaging containers.

    Packaging Materials

    Polystyrene (Foam) Cups, Containers, and Dinnerware


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  8. Important Factors in Selecting the Right Packaging Materials Supplier

    Modern packaging necessities lead manufacturers and other companies to consider thorough research when it comes to selecting a packaging materials supplier. Packaging is a complex area and you need the right players to hit the ball high.

    Packaging Materials

    Let us go through a checklist of things to be considered before making a choice.

    1. Selection of materials

    First, you need to assess whether the supplier deals with the materials you

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  9. Guide to Selecting the Right Flexible Packaging for Your Product

    Flexible packaging is being talked about a lot these days, and for good reason. Manufacturers, marketers and even consumers are promoting the use of flexible packaging. The idea of flexible packaging not only serves the mobile consumer's needs but also reduces the environmental impact caused by waste of expired items on the shelves and that results from frequent freight shipments.

    Packaging Supplies


    Before you investigate the types of flexible packaging materials, it is important to consider the following pointers:

    • Type of product
    • Product shape, weight and dimensions
    • The packaging mechanism
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  10. Robotic Bagging Solutions Have Revolutionized the Packaging Industry

    Clear, crisp, and even tamper-proof bagging has ever been the need for reliable packaging solutions. However safe the packaging material is, you also need to ensure that you are equipped with the proper packaging machinery. Enter the new and innovatively designed industrial bag closing machine.

    Packaging Solutions

    Hamer-Fischbein has introduced a next-generation fully automated bagging solution. This machinery delivers consistent hanging, opening, positioning, and transferring of open-mouth bags with robotic intervention that confirms increase in production capacity while delivering reliable performance. 

    The Hamer-Fischbein bagging solutions have revolutionized the way packages are formed, filled and sealed. They have accumulated experience from over

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