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Latex Finger Cots

Latex Finger Cots

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Protect fingers against irritation Increases grip Ideal for industrial workers Affordable safety solution



Small Cots, 24 mm x 70 mm, 144

Starting at $5.69


Medium Cots, 26 mm x 70 mm, 144

Starting at $7.15


Large Cots, 30 mm x 70 mm, 144

Starting at $7.17


Extra Large Cots, 32 mm x 70 mm, 144

Starting at $7.09

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Latex Finger Cots
SKU Description Measurements Qty/Package PRICE PER QTY ADD TO CART
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Small Cots 24 mm x 70 mm 144 $5.69 $5.69 $5.69 $5.69
Medium Cots 26 mm x 70 mm 144 $7.15 $7.15 $7.15 $7.15
Large Cots 30 mm x 70 mm 144 $7.17 $7.17 $7.17 $7.17
Extra Large Cots 32 mm x 70 mm 144 $7.09 $7.09 $7.09 $7.09


About our Latex Finger Cots


Check out our exceptionally comfortable and flexible disposable finger cots. These are an excellent cost-effective replacement for using full latex gloves. These cots provide excellent protection for your fingers in situations when full hand coverage is not required. Plus, less latex means less waste, meaning using these as an alternative can be a sustainable decision. For companies that frequently run through gloves, this is a great product to introduce for an eco-friendly solution.

Like their glove counterparts, latex finger cots are great for protecting your fingers from oils, dirt, bacteria, and other exposure. They are single-time use, and proper usage and disposable will prevent cross-contamination. Their latex material will also improve grip for individuals using this for food prep or within the industrial industry. 


Application Usages


Finger cots are also great for medical applications to cover bandages or dressings and ensure they stay in place. They help protect your finger from added outside exposure, such as dirt, oxygen, and fluids or chemicals. Doctors and nurses can also benefit from their usage in specific medical exams. 

If you have an abrasion or cut on your finger and are working where water may come in contact with your current bandaging, latex cots are excellent for protecting from water exposure. Caregivers who need to apply an ointment or topical cream may use these as a protection device. 

Food industry employees will find them useful for specific applications such as buffet line service, cake or other dessert decoration, or extra protection while using a knife or slicer. Other general purposes and sandwich or other kitchen preparation jobs will find these highly useful as well. 




Please advise, this is a latex product, and we would not recommend anyone with a latex allergy to use this product! Frequent long-term use of this or any other latex product can lead to the development of a latex allergy.


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