When you’re sending out publications, communications, or materials to your clientele, make a bigger statement with clear view poly mailers. Clear view poly mailers neatly gather up and ready your products for mailing, and they have other benefits as well! Here are the four advantages of clear view poly mailers and how they can help improve your business.

Clear Poly Mailers Give a Sneak Peek of the Contents

Whether it’s a birthday gift or a major surprise, there’s nothing more tempting than a tiny peek at something cool. When you put your materials in clear packaging mailers, you’re not just giving your customer an immediate first impression when it arrives in the mail. You’re also permitting everyone who sees it along the way a sneak peek at the contents. Clear view poly mailers put your stuff tantalizingly out of reach while remaining close by. Anyone along the way might be inspired to contact you to see and learn more. Make sure your contact and other branding information is on the outside of the package!

Keeping It Clean and Safe

Here’s another one of the four advantages of clear view poly mailers. Like any mailer, they keep your products safe en route to the client. While perhaps not as secure as a taped cardboard box, clear packaging mailers nonetheless keep less breakable items—such as magazines, pamphlets, and other paper and cloth products and communications—from getting wet, punctured, torn, or otherwise damaged along the way. For extra security, you can pack the items with padding, Styrofoam peanuts, or bubble wrap for additional protection.

Many Can Be Recycled or Reused

Hopefully, your customers will always be pleased with their products, but if they need to return them, many packaging mailers can be reused. Some are designed with an extra strip of adhesive inside or can be easily taped up and placed in the mail. If they don’t need to mail back the product, many clear view poly mailers can be tossed into the recycling bin after use. As the old saying goes, waste not, want not, and you’ll save by not needing to provide secondary packaging materials for returns.

They Transport Easily

When you pack a product in a box, it takes up extra space on the trucks, ships, and planes that carry it. Clear view poly mailers and other packaging mailers are smaller, lighter, and less rigid, which allows them to slip easily in the storage area of any vehicle. Poly mailers also slip into mailboxes, post office boxes, door slots, and other containers, keeping your items safer from the weather, thievery, and more. Send your communications and products out into the world dressed in their best—clear view poly mailers!