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Carton Sealing Tape

About Carton Sealing Packing Tape


Carton sealing tape is a great packing tape option for sealing boxes for moving or storage. It is most used to seal and secure packages for shipment, storage, or on the move. Corrugated cardboard boxes fastened with the proper sealing tape can help maintain the integrity and securely hold the content. 

It is used in various environments and requires different characteristics to suit multiple applications. It comes in numerous lengths, widths, and thicknesses and has extra adhesive features. 

We offer a wide variety of carton sealing tapes per industry standard. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to packaging supplies. A vast range of sub-categories like Acrylic, Hot Melt, Hybrid, Natural Rubber, PVC, Recycled, and Cold Temperature, is available for all your office, home, and industrial needs. They all have their strengths and specific usage.

There are many grades and varieties of Carton Sealing Tape. For example, recycled corrugated cardboard may require an entirely different shipping tape than corrugated cardboard that is not recycled. Similarly, a box stored in a refrigerator or freezer would require another variety than a box stored/shipped at an extreme temperature. 

We help you make an informed choice with our options and keep a large stock of different industrial-grade products. 


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Complete Guide to Packing Tape: Learn everything about the different types of packing tape and decide which is best for your office or warehouse based. This guide is a great way to understand the strengths of our various shipping supplies.

Understanding the correct carton sealing tape for your business or industry is essential for maximum efficiency and safety. Our online inventory features multiple variants for a reason. Each type has its specific usage, and an informed decision can significantly benefit your business processes. Our online shop has everything you need, from heavy-duty cartons for warehouses to cartons for holding office supplies or helping you move. From extreme hot temperatures to extreme cold, from recycled corrugated boxes to regular corrugated boxes, we have a choice for everything. 


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