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Yellow Kraft Bubble Mailers

Yellow Kraft Bubble Mailers

About Yellow Kraft Bubble Mailers


Yellow Bubble Kraft Mailers are envelopes made of yellow kraft paper with a bubble lining and an adhesive strip to seal and protect the contents inside. Kraft mailer envelopes, made from the recycled wood pulp left over from other processes, are more environmentally friendly than alternatives. The padded envelope is cleverly crafted with bubble cushioning to reduce the effects of any impacts while the kraft paper acts as a strong and sturdy layer that is both aesthetically pleasing and capable of sustaining wear and tear. The bubbles in the lining are plastic and air-filled, keeping the mail envelopes lightweight and durable, which makes these yellow kraft envelopes an economical option for those who want to achieve a premium look at low costs as the lower weight and the compactness of these mailing envelopes reduces shipping costs significantly.

The adhesive press and seal strip of the mailer envelopes secure contents without the need for glue, tape, or other additional packing elements. The strength of the adhesive feature and the thick, laminated nature of the paper provides protection from damage by dust and dirt. The permanent adherence to the mailer envelope assures that the contents will arrive at the destination protected. This makes kraft bubble mailers great for long-distance and for a wide range of uses such as packaging products, storing inventory, mailing, shipping, and vehicular deliveries.

The material of the mailer envelope is kraft paper which allows people to write details on the bubble mailer. Details may include but are not limited to a description of the product, date of manufacturing, brand logos, graphics, or any other relevant information for ease of identification. Small, flat, compact, and fragile products like jewelry, documents, CDs, books, crafts, and small electronics can be mailed and shipped in these bubble envelopes. Yellow bubble kraft mailers are an essential part of mailing and shipping supplies which can give businesses an advantage over their competitors.

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