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Safety Supplies

  1. Tips for Selecting the Right Hearing Protection for Your Workplace

    Sound, sound, sound!!! There is sound everywhere and at times it becomes a noise which can prove to be dangerous to the human ear if it is exposed for long to noise that surpasses the normal hearing ability. Some noises can even lead to complete hearing loss or tinnitus. In work environments, it is not possible to reduce your noise exposure or to limit the time of the exposure. So, hearing protection is the only wise option. But there are so many styles, sizes, and materials available on the market and it becomes difficult to choose the right one.

    Hearing Protection

    Here are a few tips to choose 

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  2. Breath, absorb, enjoy relief - the assurance of the Dust Mask!

    It's important to breath. With that being agreed upon, many laborious tasks come with the difficulty of maintaining good respiratory health. Not only that, with the commonality of the spreading of germs, many are in search for a sufficient way of safeguarding themselves amidst the elements at hand. In any regard, it's better to be preventative in your methods than to be satisfied with mere attempts at the treatment which only pacifies the problem and not heal it or create a necessary and substantial elimination.

    Dust Mask

    Dust Masks are an effective

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