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Safety Supplies

  1. How Do We Keep Students Safe This Fall?

    In August, some students will start filling their backpacks with pencils, new crayons, and calculators for classes. The start of the 2020 school year might bring anxiety to parents within the United States. With the Coronavirus Pandemic, many families are looking for safe options to protect their children. Many parents have opted for homeschool or virtual classes to keep their youngsters safe. Others prefer face-to-face learning within the school.

    With so many options - comes confusion. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail are here to keep your kiddos safe—no matter if their learning outside the home or within. We have generated a list of questions and answers to guide families sending their students back to school. 

    How will students socially distance within the classroom?

    Many elementary a

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  2. Helping the Pandemic: KN95 Masks

    Since January 2020, new buzz words have been added to daily office talk. “COVID-19”, “KN95 masks”, and “pandemic” might be heard before checking morning emails.

    KN95 Face Masks

    Over several months, these new vocabulary words have become a part of mainstream culture - leaving many people with more questions than answers. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail are here to answer the complicated questions for our customers.

    N95 Masks: United States Standard

    N95 Masks are commonly seen within the United States. These masks filter up to 95 percent of particles - such as dust, saliva, bacteria, and bodily fluids. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, N95 masks w

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  3. Personal Protective Equipment: We’ve Got You Covered

    personal protective equipment

    “Grandpa!” she yelled - running into his arms. Weeks after quarantine ended, Grandpa finally got to embrace his granddaughter. COVID changed his daily activities, and he missed spending time with her. With safety concerns increasing, many have stayed away from their family members. Thanks to “Grandpa!” she yelled—running into his arms. Weeks after quarantine ended, Grandpa finally got to embrace his granddaughter. COVID changed his daily activities, and he missed spending time with her. With safety concerns increasing, many have stayed away from their family members. Thanks to, family moments can be made possible again.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail has Personal Protective Equipment to keep family members safe and healthy. With KN95 Disposable Face Masks to

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  4. Are Safety Vests Only Meant For Construction Workers?

    It has never been difficult to recognize construction sites, mostly because of the safety equipment placed around the site and the highly visible, fluorescent-colored safety clothing and accessories worn by the construction workers. Safety gear includes safety vests, safety glasses, safety accessories, etc. and can be easily identified by their highly vibrant colors and reflective material. The reason for their unique colors and appearance is to warn people to stay at a safe distance from the site to prevent accidents.

    While the Hi Vis Safety Vests can be easily spotted at construction sites, other activities and industries also use them in huge numbers.

    Safety Vests

    On the Roadways

    Due to the

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  5. Why is Wearing Lab Coats Necessary in a Laboratory?

    Lab coats are plain, they are boxy and they look monotonous - but they are necessary and extremely functional. They have those large pockets on the front which are made to equip sharp medical instruments like stethoscopes, paper, pens, ophthalmoscope, etc. The personal protective equipment apart from its functionality provides protection too.

    Lab Coats


    The white lab coats symbolize the medical profession

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  6. Why Use Disposable Shoe Covers and Bouffant Caps in Sanitary Workplaces?

    Cleanliness and hygiene go hand in hand when we discuss about healthcare and food industries. Neither workers nor visitors can afford to contaminate the area. Also, compromising workers' health by not providing efficient personal protection equipment is not what any of the companies would think of. To ensure a healthy work environment for workers and to safeguard their interests, the most common protective measure is using personal protection equipment (PPE) such as disposable shoe covers and disposable bouffant caps. These are convenient and inexpensive ways to guarantee workers' protection while also keeping the workplace uncontaminated.

    Disposable Safety Supplies



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  7. Tips for Selecting the Right Hearing Protection for Your Workplace

    Sound, sound, sound!!! There is sound everywhere and at times it becomes a noise which can prove to be dangerous to the human ear if it is exposed for long to noise that surpasses the normal hearing ability. Some noises can even lead to complete hearing loss or tinnitus. In work environments, it is not possible to reduce your noise exposure or to limit the time of the exposure. So, hearing protection is the only wise option. But there are so many styles, sizes, and materials available on the market and it becomes difficult to choose the right one.

    Hearing Protection

    Here are a few tips to choose 

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  8. Safety Supplies Guide 03: Differences Between Disposable and Reusable Protective Clothing

    The team is a complete packaging and shipping solution for industries and also a reliable safety equipment supplier who cares for the well-being of on-the-job industry workers. Under safety equipment, we provide Safety Glasses, gloves and other protective essentials. While our last blog spoke about the use of hairnets and beard covers, this time we are going to discuss protective clothing that needs to be worn in an environment that is controlled by certain factors such as temperature and chemicals.

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  9. Safety Supplies Guide 02: When, Where & Why to Use Hair Nets or Beard Covers?

    Rgarding hygiene, there are numerous precautionary measures taken by industriesand factory workers to prevent unnecessary products contaminations. No one likes to have hair in their food, and therefore it is the food industry that stocks much of these disposable garments like Hair Nets and disposable beard covers. The Food Safety Standards require all food handlers to take precautionary measures to make sure that any sort of contaminant from their body or clothing does not mix with the quality of food items. 

    beard Covers

    However, it is the responsibility of business owners whether to make wearing hair nets

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  10. Safety Supplies Guide 01: Importance of Safety Supplies at Industrial Workplaces

    With an increased knowledge in the workforce these days, maintaining necessary safety standards has become mandatory for businesses that run in an industrial space. It is beneficial for both the employees and employers, as it strengthens the company internally, and results in a satisfied employee-employer relationship. A factory or industrial situation poses several health risks to employees, and the number of workplace accidents has been speaking in large numbers:

    Safety Supplies

    • 1. Workers are exposed to harmful chemical substances like carbon monoxide, flammable materials, and other solvents
      • 2. There are physical dangers scattered
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