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Sterile Eye/Body Wash

Quick Overview

Sterile isotonic buffered eye wash and skin flushing solution
Sizes available: 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz. (depending on selected version)
Helps relieve irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging etc.

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1 oz Sterile Eye/Body WashSterile Eye/Body Wash 1 Oz 1 Bottle $2.39 $2.27 $2.16
16 oz Sterile Eye/Body WashSterile Eye/Body Wash 16 Oz 1 Bottle $8.42 $7.99 $7.59
32 oz Sterile Eye/Body Wash Sterile Eye/Body Wash 32 Oz 1 Bottle $12.35 $11.73 $11.14
4 oz Sterile Eye/Body WashSterile Eye/Body Wash 4 Oz 1 Bottle $2.77 $2.63 $2.50
8 oz Sterile Eye/Body WashSterile Eye/Body Wash 8 Oz 1 Bottle $3.48 $3.30 $3.14
Eye Flush Station 2-16 oz BottlesEye Flush Station 2-16 Oz 1 Station $25.34 $24.08 $22.87

To relieve your eyes from irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging, or itching caused by air particles, pollutants, and foreign materials, our Sterile Eye/Body Wash products will bring alleviation, protection, and sterilization for your injury. Available in multiple sizes, this Sterile Eye/Body Wash product is accessible for industrial and home first aid kits. Although our antiseptic products work great on topical injuries, this product is highly needed to reach the delicate eye area.

Sterile Eye/Body Wash is available in eye drops; eye wash and eye flush station applications. Our Sterile Eye/Body Wash offers various specifications (depending on selected version) such as lubricant shield protection, sterile isotonic buffered and is comparable to Visine® if one is seeking like quality measures. Our Sterile Eye/Body Wash provides protection against irritation, flying debris, smoke, pollen, air pollutants and chlorinated water. 

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