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Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable Poly Bags have a plastic zipper seal mechanism. These clear plastic bags are ideal for packaging, storing, and stocking items.

About Our Reclosable Poly Bag Products


Reclosable Poly Bags are made of clear plastic that features a single-track zipper that can be opened and closed allowing the contents within these clear bags to be secured and sealed properly. This mechanism locks the bags, keeping the products inside clean and sealing them from contamination such as water vapor, dirt, dust, pests, mold, and moisture, eliminating the need for other methods of closure such as stapling, heat sealing, and ties. Reclosable poly bags are made with polyethylene, a material that meets the requirements of the USDA and FDA. Its non-toxic nature, along with being resistant to temperature changes, makes it excellent for storage.

These clear bags are an excellent way to store your inventory and protect and ship a wide range of products. They are applicable for a wide range of uses such as packaging small parts, protecting paper instructions, collecting items, protecting photographs, and much more.

These clear bags are resistant to leakage due to their reliable zipping mechanism, have optimum transparency which allows the product inside to be visible, and have the ideal tensile strength to minimize the risk of tearing and puncturing. These poly bags are a perfect balance of strength, quality, and functionality.

Reclosable poly bags are available in many sizes and thicknesses. Although reclosable poly bags are often used in industrial packaging, they can also be used at home in the kitchen and in closets to store and organize items. From craft supplies to homemade goods, these plastic bags are ideal for organizing homes and storage closets. Along with being the best for industrial, retail, and commercial applications, these clear bags are reusable, making them environmentally friendly.

The wide-ranging applications of reclosable poly bags make them extremely utilitarian in daily life across many industries and use. Our team can be contacted at any point in time to suit your needs as a customer.

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