Tips for Keeping Your Product Secure During Shipping

If you do a lot of business by mail, you have to keep proper packaging and mailing security in mind. Customers and clients are never more disgruntled than when they order a product, wait a few days or weeks for it to arrive, only to feel a crushing sense of disappointment when it turns up damaged or missing. In order to add an extra layer of security to your packaging, here are several tips for keeping your product secure during shipping.

Bolster and Cushion the Contents

You may already do this, but make sure you’re providing a support system to protect the product during its long journey. You have multiple packing solutions, of course, from air pillows, bubble packaging envelopes, Styrofoam peanuts, bunched-up newspaper, to cardboard carton reducers. Certain items require different packing materials. For extra fragile items, use a combo of a poly bubble envelope or bubble wrap around the item and fill the surrounding space in the package with packing peanuts or air pillows. Physics won’t be friendly to your package, so ensure items are snug and well-insulated against damage.

Tape It!

When you tape up a package, do it right. Leave no spaces for potential thieves to slip their hand in and snatch the item. Use water-activated tape to form a stronger seal. Attempted theft will be obvious if such a strong seal is ripped or torn. Don’t tape up a package with several layers for added security. It’s not necessary and a waste of materials. Use the H-tape method to secure a package. This is when you seal the openings and seams on the top of a package to form an H shape.

Check Your Packaging

Cardboard boxes are wonderful things. They’re both light and strong and very convenient for shipping. But, while they’re tough and durable, they’re not indestructible. When you’re using a new cardboard box, check it for any imperfections, tears, or similar damage that could get worse while the package is shipped. Reusing packaging is a smart and effective way to save money, but you should always give every recycled package a once-over inspection for damage. If you’re using recycled boxes, it’s smart to cover up any UPC or similar electronic codes that might confuse shippers along the way. Use a heavy black marker to cover up scan codes, addresses, and more, or your package could end up in the wrong place.

Stay Dry

Here’s one more of our tips for keeping your product secure during shipping. If the contents need to stay dry, pack them in sealable plastic bags. Throw in a few silica gel packets to keep the contents even drier and make sure they’re clearly marked as desiccants. Once again, seal all seams with packing tape. If you’re shipping perishables that might break down en route, consider packing them with dry ice or a similar material.