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Medical Supplies

  1. What Are Antiseptic Wipes Used For?

    Antiseptic Wound Wipes are the oldest, easiest, and most convenient way to sterilize wounds on the skin. These are designed for single-use and effectively sanitize the wounds without any risk of cross-contamination. The wipes are individually packed into single packets making them easy to carry in small first aid kits or bags.

    Antiseptic Wound Wipes

    Common uses of antiseptic wound wipe

    The antiseptic wipes are used for sterilizing as they kill germs effectively. They work well on any surface that needs sterilization. The wipes are also used for cleaning wounds, aiding in catheter procedures, and preparing the skin for surgery. The Antiseptic Wound Wipes are essential components

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  2. What is Ideal for Lower Back Pain - Cold Pack or Hot Pack?

    Back Pain is a health condition that many people suffer and if neglected can worsen and lead to extreme pain and inability of the muscles to function. Most people prefer over-the-counter medications to relieve the pain but that is only temporary and tends to come back again. Orthopedic doctors therefore recommend the use of heat or ice compress to naturally relax the muscles.

    Cold Pack or Hot Pack

    Both the Hot and Cold Compresses treat the muscles differently and therefore it is necessary to understand what kind of back injury needs the treatment, followed by the selection of Hot/Cold therapy.

    Hot Compresses provide warmth to the pain area and loosen up the back muscles while relieving tension. Heat improves circulation of blood to the area and

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  3. What Makes Safetec's Hand Sanitizer So Effective?

    The major reason for infections such as the H1N1 flu, Viruses and its further spread are the contaminated hands, which go unnoticed. This is why proper hand hygiene is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy environment. Washing of hands is always not possible with soap and water as it may not be handy every time when one needs them. That's when the Hand Sanitizers come to the rescue.

    Safetec Hand Sanitizer


    How is Safetec Hand Sanitizer different?

    Sanitizers contain alcohol that kills the germs and bacteria that

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  4. Know More about Medical Gloves: Types & Uses

    Wearing protective gear is a must in the medical field for obvious reasons. Medical professionals need to be well-protected from pathogens and other contaminants that may cause allergies and infections as they are mostly exposed to bodily fluids and harmful chemicals. An important type of protective gear is the disposable medical glove that provides protection to the hands against harmful substances including medical equipment, blood borne pathogens and hazardous chemicals.

    Medical Gloves


    There are two major types of medical gloves available - surgical gloves and exam gloves. Each of the glove types is meant to serve a specific purpose while both aim at protecting the wearers' hands from cross-contamination. 

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  5. How to Prevent Heat Stress Hazards at Work?

    What is Heat Stress?

    When an individual is exposed to extreme heat or works in a high-temperature environment, he is prone to heat stress that can lead to occupational injuries or illnesses. Workers involved in outdoor jobs or jobs that emit a lot of heat such as bakeries, farming, mining, fire-fighting, and others, are majorly affected by heat stress. 

    Heat Stress Products

    Occupational hazards due to heat stress

    Heat stress can result in serious injuries like heat stroke, heat rashes, heat cramps or heat exhaustion. Heat can also increase the risk of injuries caused by dizziness, fogged-up safety glasses or sweaty palms. Employees can also get burns if they accidentally encounter hot metallic surfaces.

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  6. Everyone's Must Have - First Aid Kit

    Every office, household and even industries have a first aid kit lying somewhere. Public transportation too is mandatorily carrying medical kits, which are made easily available for the passengers in cases of emergencies. Whether it be an educational institution, corporate office or manufacturing plant, preliminary stages of training during introduction involves first aid training as it the very basic of healthy survival in society.

    First Aid Kits

    The First Aid Kits and Supplies are made available with the following features:

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  7. Medical Supplies Guide 03: Safeguarding Your Vision from Occupational Hazards - Use Eye Protections

    Looking at the numbers of occupational hazards happening, one must be alarmed and save the delicate beautiful little senses in place. Job related eye injuries have even caused workers to lose their sight. Not only this, there is a huge cost bearing on the employers and insurance companies on workers' compensation costs. To prevent eye injuries, OSHA's standards require industrial workplaces to provide eye care protections to employees that would provide proper protection against chemical, medical, environmental, or radiological hazards.

    Eye Care Products

    What usually causes eye injuries at work? 

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    • Medical Supplies Guide 02: Burn Care Products That Are Essential in Your First Aid Kit

      Flames and extreme heat are no play and burns caused by them give unbearable pains. So, in this blog we will introduce to you a few products that must essentially be a part of your first aid kit. Burns can happen anywhere - at home or at the workplace and one must be rightly equipped with products that act effectively to reduce the damage. Also, if not treated properly, there can be bad scars on your skin that will accompany you lifelong and that's exactly what you would never want.

      Medical Supplies

      Which Burn Care Products Do You Need?

      Our Burn Care Products include Spenco® Moist Burn Pads, Water-Jel® Burn Dressings, First Aid Burn Cream, and Complete Burn Kits. We also stock a good number o

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    • Medical Supplies Guide 01: What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

      Usually, workers working under extremely unusual conditions are exposed to dangerous risks and it is the sole responsibility to industry owners to protect them. Even though the kind of work does not include much physical strenuous activities, it may induce continuous movements or stiffness that would lead to muscle strain. For example, tailoring jobs or the IT jobs demand the employees sitting in the same position for long continuous hours which usually causes back aches and painful wrists. 

      Medical Supplies

      Similarly, sportsmen have to practice for hours together and mostly complain of joint pains and hurting wrists. So, a better idea is to equip the facilities with medical supplies which would serve as protection against

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    • Importance of First Aid Medical Supplies & Training at Workplaces

      First aid supplies save life and knowing how to use them is essential, may it be at home or workplaces. Since certain industrial workplaces are more susceptible to accidents, they ought to be well-stocked with medical supplies that could be used at the emergency hour.

      First Aid Kits

      To buy a kit and put it in a safe place without knowing how to use it ever is easy. Most people have a notion that they are never going to need it. And then, they expire, deteriorate and will not be of any use when an emergency occurs and someone's life actually needs them at the very moment. So, to avoid certain mishaps at workplaces, First Aid Kits

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