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Direct Thermal Labels

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Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels are popular for barcode and shipping label applications. We offer both roll and fanfold styles. Ribbon printer not required for Direct Thermal.

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About Direct Thermal Labels


Direct Thermal Labels use synthetically treated, heat-sensitive media that darkens when it passes under the warm print head. The printing process does not make use of any ink, toner, or ribbons, but creates the label with a heating element in the shape of words or images applied directly to the label material. When used with a direct thermal printer, clear and well-defined images are produced along with sharp print quality on the label.

The thermal printers are noted for their simplicity as they are easy to operate and maintain. The printer is portable, requires very little space and does not require the purchase of printer ribbons, making it extremely affordable.

Direct thermal printer labels are compatible with a wide variety of printers, from inexpensive to higher quality machines. This allows direct thermal to be a versatile method of printing. They are highly cost effective for creating simple labels in large quantities, as well as being environmental-friendly as no thermal ribbon is used so this method is BPA-free. The back of each label is coated in a permanent adhesive. This long-lasting adhesion is ideal for shipping labels as well as other warehouse use cases. Direct Thermal Labels are commonly used for frozen foods packaging, warehouse and shipping labels, receipts, coupons, event tickets, pharmaceuticals and food packaging labels.

While Direct Thermal Labels offer many advantages, they’re not suited for labels that must remain legible for years or survive particularly harsh environments. The thermal coating is highly sensitive to light, heat and heavy contact, making them susceptible to fading in the long term.  This means direct thermal is less durable than thermal transfer.

Our Labels can be used with major shipping carriers such are USPS, FedEx, and UPS. They are made in USA and are used across many industries. With different variants and according to the usage, one can choose from our Labels options. In addition, you can always contact our team for any other questions or more information. PackagingSuppliesByMail is an industry leader in packaging solutions because of our highly competitive prices, fast shipping times, and free delivery on bulk orders. 

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