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Hang Hole Poly Bags

Hang Hole Poly Bags

Hang Hole Poly Bags are reclosable plastic bags with a hole punched out. These can easily be hung on hooks or by string to display or store contents.

About Our Hang Hole Poly Bag Products


Hang Hole poly bags are made of clear plastic that is easy to use for organizing and protecting products. The pre-punched hole at the top of the bag makes it easy to display products on hooks, pegs, or stands. The materials used to make these poly bags are approved by the FDA. Clear plastic bags not only keep the contents inside the bag protected from dirt, moisture, and contamination but also make it easy to view the contents.

Hang Hole poly bags are commonly used for protection, organization, and the versatility in the display it allows makes them ideal to be used in the retail industry. Hang Hole poly bags are available in a variety of sizes: 2 mil and 4 mil thicknesses. These clear plastic bags feature a zipper-type seal that is strong and secure.

Hang Hole poly bags are key for boosting retail sales as they can be put on shelves, which have limited space and often are overcrowded, or they can be hung on walls using display hooks. This placement of clear plastic bags is crucial at kiosks, shops, and point-of-sale counters as it encourages more impulse buys.

Hang Hole bags offer durable protection that is perfect for packaging needs. They're also available at affordable prices and fit the needs of our customers. For more information on the range of these products, our team can be contacted for related queries.

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