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Invoice Enclosed Envelopes

Invoice Enclosed Envelopes

Invoice Enclosed Envelopes come in Panel Face and Full-Face selections. These envelopes are perfect for securely sending invoices, receipts, and warranties to customers.

About Our Invoice Enclosed Envelopes - Packing Slip Pouches


Invoice Enclosed Envelopes are pre-printed packing slip pouches specifically designed to keep invoices safe and secure during shipment. These envelopes are perfect for sending invoices, receipts, and warranties. The use of Enclosed Invoice Envelopes ensures that these important papers are received by the recipient of the package securely. These pre-printed packing slip sleeves can be used on any type of box, carton, or mailer to display important documents on the outside of the shipment.

These plastic shipping envelopes form a tamper-resistant pocket. The document can be inserted through the slit in the back, peel off the backing and stick to the package. These Invoice Enclosed Packing List Envelopes feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive for attachment on almost any standard shipping surface. These packing list pouches stick aggressively and ensure the mailed document is transported safely. It is resistant to punctures, tampering, and water to ensure the documents will reach the customer both safely and can withstand harsh weather and rough shipping and handling conditions. The pocket must then be torn or cut open to retrieve the documents.

It is pre-printed on a highly visible orange background with a black font so it can easily be spotted. Invoice Enclosed Envelopes come in Panel Face and Full-Face selections. A client can choose from either a Panel or Full-Face pre-print with "Invoice Enclosed" clearly marked on it. The Panel Face Invoice Enclosed Envelopes have a clear window that allows invoices or receipts to be easily identified. Full Face Invoice Enclosed Envelopes help screen important documents from others. A must-have in any shipping supplies store and can be chosen based on usage. A full-face, opaque packing slip pouch will further safeguard essential documents.


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