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Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers have become the most popular type of mailer on the market. These waterproof mailing envelopes are an economically friendly alternative to corrugated boxes.

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About Poly Mailing Envelopes


Poly Mailers are easy-to-send envelopes that are lightweight but sturdy and weatherproof in nature that are often used as an alternative to corrugated cardboard boxes. They have a self-sealing fold-over lip so no tape is needed, and a shipping label can be directly affixed to the bag. These mailers are also flexible and self-sealing, which is ideal for shipping apparel and items that are not prone to breakage.

Offering strong protection against dirt, moisture, dust, and tampering, poly envelopes ensure that items arrive at the customer’s doorstep intact and secure. These mailers are simple to lay out and pack products into as they don’t require to be assembled, which is an additional task that comes with corrugated cardboard boxes. The versatility and flexibility of the mailers allow products such as shirts, hoodies, dresses, pillows, and cushions to be put inside and easily bundled. Apparel and most products made of cloth, or any type of fabric are good candidates for poly mailers as clothing isn’t susceptible to being crushed or broken. Ideal products include swatches, yarn, face masks, and bedding products. Books are often already sturdy so using mailers for shipping and packaging is the logical option. Vitamins, nutrition products, and cosmetics may be sent in shipping mailers if they are sealed tight and already encased in materials that won’t break when dropped or thrown. Other examples of sturdy packaged products include a deck of playing cards, smaller board games, and phone cases.

The tear-resistant nature of these shipping mailers allows the products inside to fit snugly and protect them against damage during shipping and transit. This is further improved by increasing the thickness of the mailer. Poly envelopes are thin and durable, so they are last-longing and take up less space in warehouses and on transit vehicles, so are also economically viable and cost-effective as a packaging option. Poly mailers take up less space than boxes, so their small size not only means that they take up less space in storage but also reduces dimensional weight, saving even more on shipping costs. Since these mailers are made from plastic, they’re much easier to store from a warehousing standpoint.

Poly envelopes are a great packaging option for small e-commerce businesses to save even more money while ensuring products aren’t damaged.

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