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Clear Packing List Envelopes

Clear Packing List Envelopes

Clear Packing List Envelopes come in various selections to fit your business needs. Choose between reclosable pouches or back loaded envelopes.

About Clear Packing Slip Envelopes 

Clear Packing List Envelopes are for documents such as packing slips, invoices, warranty information, operating instructions, wiring diagrams, and more. These Clear Packing List Envelopes stick to cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, and metal with heavy-duty adhesive backing.   


These Shipping List Envelopes do not have any text on them so that the consumers can place important documents within them for transit. The transparent material allows users to see contents through the document pouch. There will be no need to send mailing documents separately or inside the package.  

They can be inserted into these envelopes and adhere to the shipping package. They allow you to insert shipping lists simply by folding them. Therefore, the address is visible through the envelope's clear window. There is no need to add an address label to the package. These envelopes are easy to use press-on vinyl envelopes for easy application on smooth surfaces and clear visibility. There are press-on vinyl envelopes, clear vinyl envelopes, and adhesive vinyl envelopes, making it easy to apply and adhere to all industry standards.  


The Clear Packing List Envelope is available in two variants: Reclosable Clear Packing List Envelopes and No Print Clear Packing List Envelopes. The Reclosable Packing List Envelopes are for documents that need to be changed or for packing slips that can be removed and securely reinserted onto the shipment package. They have a press and seal enclosure to allow repackaging of documents. 

On the other hand, No Print Clear Packing List Envelopes are used to put all the documents needed for the shipment on the package rather than inside the package for more accessible and clear visibility of the document details. No Print Packing List Envelopes are specifically used to send customers invoices, warranties, or receipts.

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