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Machine Length Stretch Wrap

Machine Length Stretch Wrap

Large capacity stretch wrap rolls designed for stretch wrap machine applications. Machine Length Stretch Wrap film limits machine downtime for large scale industrial and warehouse operations.


About Machine Length Stretch Wrap


Machine length stretch wrap is a versatile packaging material used in various industries to secure and protect goods during transit or storage. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution that provides excellent load stability and ensures the integrity of packaged products.

Machine grade wrap, also known as machine stretch wrap, is specifically designed to be used with stretch wrap machines. These machines are equipped with rollers and a turntable that hold the packaging material and apply it to the product being wrapped. The film is stretched and applied tightly around the item, creating a secure and protective barrier.

One of the primary advantages of machine stretch wrap is its ability to stretch. When applied with the help of a machine, the film can be stretched up to 250-300% of its original length. This stretching process allows the film to exert a constant tension on the wrapped item, effectively keeping it in place and preventing movement during transportation.

The elongation and flexibility of machine wrap enables it to conform tightly to the shape of the packaged goods. This feature is particularly beneficial when wrapping irregularly shaped or unevenly stacked items. The film also acts as a barrier, shielding the goods from potential damage caused by exposure to the elements.

Cast Machine Length Stretch Wrap is the most popular type of machine grade film. This tear-resistant film releases smoothly and quietly from the roll for easy application, making it ideal for most wrapping applications.

Blown Machine Length Stretch Wrap is regarded for its superior strength and durability. Tougher, stiffer, and more tear and cold-resistant than cast stretch, blown stretch is recommended for expensive items, items with sharp edges, or items that will face harsh conditions.

High Performance Machine Length Stretch Wrap is formed from a special manufacturing process to be thin and pliable while offering higher performance per gauge compared to standard machine stretch wrap. This film is recommended for quickly and easily packaging important items.

Pre-Stretched Machine Length Stretch Wrap is stretched close to the breaking point, enhancing the film’s strength and ease of use. Pre-stretched wrap helps to reduce both strain on the workers and waste, as less film is needed for wrapping. This is recommended for irregularly-shaped bundles and loads.

Ultra High Performance Machine Length Stretch Film uses nano-layer technology to stay ultra-thin while providing better performance than stretch films of similar gauges. This wrap is recommended for important and difficult loads.

We offer machine length wrap at 10” to 60” widths, from 60 to 150 gauge, and up to 10,000’ lengths. As a high-capacity and cost-effective wrapping product, machine stretch wrap enables businesses to optimize their packaging operations and enhance the overall efficiency of their supply chain.

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