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Thermal Transfer Labels

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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels are commonly used for creating barcode and shipping labels. We offer roll and fanfold styles as well as colored labels. Ribbons are required for printing Thermal Transfer Labels.

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About Our Thermal Transfer Label Products


Thermal transfer labels are durable labels commonly used for shipping, barcoding, inventory management, and more. These are industrial labels that are typically used in the manufacturing sector.

The labels are printed through a thermal transfer printer where, at the point of the print head, a layer of ribbon is placed on top of the label. The print head elements heat up and cause the carbon pigment that is on the ribbon to transfer to the label. It creates the required image, which is dependable and durable on a wide variety of materials. This process delivers top notch text, graphic, and standardized tag print quality for excellent scanning and reading abilities.

The thermal transfer labels are used when direct thermal labels are not recommended, possibly because the labelled product will be stored close to a heat source. These manufacturing labels last longer and are less brittle as the ribbon is coated with wax, resin or a combination of wax and resin. The industrial labels are recognized easily by the crisp, often glossy, printed surface.

These thermal transfer labels come with a high-strength adhesive for one-time use, which makes it durable against a wide range of environmental conditions. The label’s adhesive quality is also flexible, which makes them great for uneven, oily, and dirty surfaces, making it suitable to be applied easily to corrugated boxes, shelves, and more. These labels are expected to last around year after used. The application of these industrial labels includes shipping labels, receipts, name tags, coupons, event tickets, etc.

A thermal transfer label works with Zebra, SATO, Datamax, Fargo, Intermec printers, as well as many other thermal transfer printers. However, although thermal transfer labels offer better durability than direct thermal, thermal transfer equipment and labels are more cost intensive.

Thermal transfer labels meet the requirements of many shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. With different variants and uses, one can choose from our many label options.

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