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White Block Poly Bags

White Block Poly Bags

White Block Poly Bags are great for organizing and labeling contents. These clear bags come with a white area that can be easily written on with pen or marker.

About Our White Block Poly Bag Products


White Block poly bags are reclosable plastic bags that include a single-track zipper and a white block write-on panel. These bags are made of low-density polyethylene. These items are tough, tear-resistant, and easy to maintain. Low-density polyethylene is thin, flexible, and tear-resistant. The zipper extends the width of the bag, creating a reliable barrier that keeps the products clean from dust, dirt, and moisture. These bags prevent the products from becoming contaminated. Pens and markers can be used on the white label for things like giving an item's description, price, and quantities. This will eliminate the need for any extra labels.

These plastic bags are resealable and reusable; thus, are environmentally friendly aiding in the reduction of landfill waste. The zipper-type seal makes these poly bags ideal for items that need to be kept fresh or repackaged. The see-through nature of the bags provides clarity, making the contents inside the bag visible and ideal for display uses.

Poly bags are a common form of packaging that is used for storing, displaying, protecting, and shipping all types of products. These plastic bags are perfect for tough environments. They're great for storing and selling lightweight products. Items like small parts, jewelry, paper goods, booklets, and cosmetics will always be in good condition when stored in these bags. If you're storing lots of small items, these zipper reclosable bags are the way to go. This size is ideal for enclosing board game pieces, screws, or anything that isn't packaged easily and might get lost or jumbled together in transit.

If you are looking for which thickness of white block poly bags you’ll need, consider what will be shipped in them. PackagingSuppliesByMail has 2 mil and 4 mil available. Our 2 mil white block poly bags are used for the storage, shipping, and display of lightweight items while the 4 mil white block plastic bags provide scuff protection as well as tear resistance for products that are heavy or abrasive.

Both types of plastic bags are available with us at We are an industry leader in packaging solutions. We offer highly competitive prices and fast shipping times with free delivery on bulk orders.

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