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Latex Gloves

Browse our selection of disposable Latex Gloves. Popular in the medical and industrial fields because of their reliability and dexterity.

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About Our Disposable Latex Gloves


Natural Rubber Latex Gloves offer excellent dexterity and comfort, making them a preferred product in many medical and industrial applications. However, latex allergies can be severe, so caution should be taken when using latex gloves. Medical Exam Latex Gloves are ideal for the requirements of medical and dental fields. Industrial Grade Latex Gloves offer protection for more demanding workplaces and general-purpose tasks.

Disposable latex gloves protect you from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals within cleaning products, biohazardous material, and other abrasive hazards you may face at the workplace. Latex gloves provide more protection than vinyl gloves but present a problem with common allergy issues. If you require added safeguarding and want to avoid latex allergies, we recommend checking out our nitrile gloves. However, if you do not need as much protection and still want to avoid latex allergy issues, we recommend checking out our vinyl glove options. 

Our Medical latex and industrial latex options are similar, our medical gloves provide a finger texture that is perfect for surgical procedures. Allowing doctors to have a little more grip inside the glove, so they can still have excellent control of their hands. While our industrial options currently come in powdered and powder-free, we offer only powder-free gloves currently in our medical-specific selection. 

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