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Packing List Envelopes

Packing List Envelopes

Packing List Envelopes are perfect for shipping receipts with packages. With a highly adhesive backing, these envelopes stick to most surfaces with ease. Choose a full-face, opaque envelope to further safeguard important documents. Panel-face or clear pouches are great for quickly viewing packing lists.  

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About Packing List Envelopes 


Packing List Envelopes are pouches specifically designed for shipping receipts, invoices, item lists, packing slips, or any other information or document shipping along with the package. They have a strong adhesive backing to ensure they bond securely to most surfaces. These self-adhesive Packing Slips stay securely in place while withstanding the normal wear and tear of shipments. In addition, they keep the packing list, invoices, or any other paperwork secure in transit while offering ultimate protection in weather and tamper resistance. 

We offer an extensive range of Envelopes per industry standard. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to packaging supplies. Our offerings include a vast range of sub-categories like our Panel-Face & Full-Face Invoice Enclosed Envelopes, Panel-Face, Full-Face, and USA Flag Print Packing List Enclosed Envelopes, Clear Face Re-Usable Packing List envelopes, and many others. All options are available for your office, home, and industrial needs. They all have their strengths and specific usages.  

Instead of putting them inside the package, these envelopes help place essential shipping documents like packing slips, shipping labels, and documents on top or the side. These slips allow paperwork to be visible in transit without opening a package, helping reduce theft or damage. Plus, it helps speed up getting shipments past various mailing check posts.  

Panel-Face Invoice Enclosed Envelopes feature a clear window for receipts to be visible. While the Full-Face Invoice Enclosed Envelopes are for customers who want to screen important documents from onlookers. They display a message across the front reading "invoice enclosed" to quickly identify what is inside the slip.  

Our Panel-Face Envelopes contain a list of items for easy identification. In contrast, our Full-Face Envelopes have strong poly coverings that protect materials from moisture. In addition, we have our USA Flag Print Packing List Envelopes to show customers that they come from within the United States. Apart from these, we have more categories of Packing Slip Envelopes to suit every kind of requirement.   

With so many varieties and more specific usage, you can choose from our Packing List Envelopes options. In addition, you can always contact our team for any other questions or more information. PackagingSuppliesByMail is an industry leader in packaging solutions because of our highly competitive prices, fast shipping times, and free delivery on bulk orders. 


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