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Stretch Wrap

Product Guide - Complete Guide to Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap

Explore our industry leading selection of bulk stretch wrap products. We offer both Cast and Blown films in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

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About Our Bulk Stretch Wrap for Packaging


We offer one of the most comprehensive selections of stretch wrap for packaging in the industry. Hand Stretch Wrap and Pallet Wraps are the standards for palletizing products. Mini Pallet Wraps are smaller width rolls for simple bundling applications. Our mini, extended core stretch film and moving wrapping are also great for wrapping applications in pre-move scenarios or long-term storage. Mini bundling products are the smallest and lightest inventory we have and are best for one-person usage, without an added dispenser. Most of our mini wrap inventory comes equipped with the necessary handle attachments. If you need any additional dispensers or hand savers, please visit our Accessories.

We have a wide variety of Colored Stretch products for larger-scale industrial warehousing distributors that work well with machines. We offer a broad array of machine-length rolls to keep your operation running smoothly. Our Coreless products do not contain a cardboard core, reducing unnecessary waste. For specifically tailored applications, such as anti-static, VCI/UVI (great for UV rays protection), netted/vented and printed wraps, check out our Specialty products. You can also head over there to check out a more select inventory of eco-friendly options, pallet bands, and made in USA films.

Pre-Stretched starts at 26 gauge and goes up to 48 as the thickest material. Our economy plastic stretch films come in 45-55, or 60-gauge sizes. Medium Hand Stretch Wraps come in 63-75 and we have some great colored options for color coding purposes. Regular sizing starts at 80 gauge and includes an assortment of products ranging up to 99 Gauge. All wrapping material above this is considered heavy-duty items and provides the thickest and strongest wrap film application.


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Stretch Wrap Working Application Usages


For most of our stretch film products, we suggest using them with the proper wrap machines for industrial wrapping or dispensers. Most of our rolls come in 1000" or longer sizes, making hand applications much less efficient. For anyone looking to complete quick wrapping jobs, we suggest investing in our mini rolls, as they are much more efficient for the task. Film rolls should be tightly bound during application to keep all items within the pallet in place.  

Deciding on the proper gauge size depends on the sizing and weight of your pallet loads. Higher gauge sizing means a thicker film, a perfect choice for securing heavy-duty loads. However, if you're wrapping a shipment of lighter items, choosing a lower gauge stretch film may be the best choice for your business.

Stretch wrap accessories can provide a much-needed benefit to your company as well. Usage of these products depends on the nature of your planned use of these products. Hand savers, for example, are the perfect choice for companies that frequently wrap pallet loads by hand. By reducing the strain caused upon the user, they make hand application a safer and more secure process for employees.


Product Guide


Complete Guide to Stretch Wrap - Learn everything about the different types of stretch film and make an informed decision on which is best for your company. This guide is a great way to understand the difference between our film rolls and shrink wrap.

Understanding the perfect plastic wrap for your business is essential for maximum efficiency and productivity. Our online inventory features hundreds of different variants for a reason. Each type of stretch film has its specific usages. When used in the proper situation can provide a massive benefit to your business processes.

Stretch wrap is a stretchable plastic film which makes it different then shrink film because it does not form around a pallet. One of the main ingredients used in making a film roll is linear low-density polyethylene. Here is where the elastic recovery comes into play and why it has high tensile strength and impact/puncture resistance features. The combination of these three things keeps your pallet loads secure and protected.


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