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Types of Stretch Film

Product Guide - Complete Guide to Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap

Explore our industry leading selection of bulk stretch wrap products. We offer both Cast and Blown films in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

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About Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap, also known as stretch film or packing wrap, is a crucial packaging supplies material made from high-strength polyethylene. This versatile tool is stretched across items and loads to bundle them together and secure them during transit and storage. Our extensive selection caters to every packaging need, from securing small bundles to wrapping large pallets efficiently.

Our Comprehensive Stretch Wrap Selection

We pride ourselves on offering one of the most extensive selections of stretch wrap in the industry. Our range includes hand stretch films, machine-length rolls for automated processes, and specialty products tailored for specific needs, such as UV protection and eco-friendly options. Whether you need lightweight bundling or heavy-duty wrapping, our portfolio is designed to meet every business's requirements.

Choosing the Right Stretch Wrap

Selecting the appropriate stretch wrap involves considering several factors such as thickness, width, and application method. Thicker films offer enhanced durability, suitable for heavier and sensitive loads, while thinner films are perfect for lighter loads and quick bundling. Our options range from mini wraps for small items to machine-grade films for high-throughput operations.

How to Apply Stretch Wrap

i) Prepare the Load:

Ensure the items to be wrapped are stable and evenly stacked.

ii) Select the Right Wrap:

Choose the appropriate type and size of stretch wrap for the load.

iii) Start at the Base:

Secure the end of the wrap underneath the load or between two items in the stack. Then, begin wrapping at the bottom of the pallet, securing the wrap around the pallet itself to ensure stability.

iv) Work Up and Down:

Gradually move up and down the load, wrapping it in 3-5 layers of film.

v) Finish at the Top:

Once at the top, pull the wrap over the corners and down to create a tight seal that holds everything in place.

Our Best Selling Stretch Wrap Products

i) Hand Stretch Wrap: 

Hand Stretch Wrap are perfect for wrapping small to medium-sized items, providing control and efficiency without machinery. Ideal for operations where machinery is not feasible.

ii) Mini Stretch Wrap: 

Mini Stretch Wrap are best for bundling small items, offering ease of use with integrated handle attachments, making it perfect for quick and secure wrapping without excess material.

iii) Pallet Stretch Wrap: 

Pallet Stretch Wrap features an extended core for easy handling, making it efficient for wrapping larger loads. The extended cores act as built-in handles, simplifying the application process.

iv) Colored Stretch Wrap: 

Colored Stretch Wrap adds visual management and protection, ideal for differentiating between products while providing reliable protection.

v) Coreless Stretch Wrap: 

Coreless Stretch Wrap is an eco-friendly option that eliminates cardboard core waste, enhancing your company's green credentials. Perfect for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Why Choose Our Stretch Wrap

Our stretch wrap stands out due to its superior quality and durability. We offer a diverse range of products to ensure that we can meet any requirement, from lightweight to heavy-duty applications. Our products are designed to provide secure containment and protection, giving you peace of mind that your items are safely wrapped.

Stretch Wrap Accessories and Support

To complement our stretch films, we offer accessories like dispensers and hand savers to enhance the application process. These tools are designed to make the wrapping process more efficient and reduce strain for users, particularly during extensive hand-wrapping tasks.

Professional Guidance and Support

Backed by years of expertise, our team is committed to providing exceptional support. We offer free shipping on wholesale orders and a user-friendly online platform for easy order tracking and management. Our knowledgeable sales professionals are available to assist with any inquiries or needs you may have, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience.


Stretch Wrap FAQs

Q1. Why use stretch wrap for moving? 

Ans. It offers a secure wrapping solution that keeps items protected from scratches and shifting during moves. It is great for securing the drawers of a dresser or the contents of a jewelry box.

Q2. What is stretch wrap made of? 

Ans. Stretch wrap is made from polyethylene, providing excellent stretch and cling.

Q3. Is stretch wrap waterproof? 

Ans. Yes, it effectively protects against moisture, making it ideal for various weather conditions.

Q4. What is the thickest stretch wrap available?

Ans. Our selection includes wraps up to 120 gauge for heavy-duty applications.

Q5. Can stretch wrap be reused? 

Ans.  Depending on the condition post-use, it can sometimes be reused, although fresh wrap is recommended for the best performance.


Educational Resources

For those looking to deepen their understanding of stretch wrap applications, our Stretch Wrap Product Guide is an invaluable resource. It helps users distinguish between different types of films and their applications, ensuring you make informed decisions that enhance your operational efficiency and productivity.