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List of Coreless Stretch Films

Coreless Stretch Wrap

Our Coreless Stretch Wrap offers efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions, reducing waste and making it easier to handle. Its high-quality stretchability ensures secure loads for shipping and storage.

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List of Coreless Stretch Films


About Coreless Stretch Wrap

Coreless stretch wrap, also known as coreless stretch film or coreless pallet wrap, is a versatile packaging material that is commonly used in various industries for securing and protecting palletized goods during storage and transportation. Unlike traditional stretch wrap that comes with a cardboard or plastic core in the center, coreless stretch wrap is a continuous plastic wrap roll without any core. This unique design offers several advantages and has gained popularity among businesses seeking efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.

One of the key benefits of coreless stretch wrap is its ease of use. Without a bulky core, the rolls are lighter and more manageable, making them easier to handle for operators. The absence of a core also eliminates the need for specialized equipment such as a core dispenser or film carriage, reducing equipment costs and simplifying the packaging process. This makes coreless wrap an ideal choice for small businesses or operations with limited space and resources.

In addition to its user-friendly nature, coreless stretch wrap offers excellent load containment capabilities. The plastic wrap roll is manufactured using multiple layers of high-quality polyethylene or similar materials, which provide superior strength and elasticity. When properly applied, the stretch wrap tightly conforms to the shape of the pallet and securely holds the load together, minimizing the risk of shifting, toppling, or damage during transit. This helps businesses ensure the integrity of their products and reduces the potential for costly losses due to accidents or mishandling.

Moreover, coreless stretch wrap is known for its sustainability advantages. The absence of a core means less material waste from the plastic wrap roll and eliminates the need for disposal or recycling of the cores. This reduces environmental impact and promotes eco-friendly practices. Additionally, many coreless stretch wraps are manufactured using recycled or recyclable materials, further contributing to a more sustainable packaging solution.

Coreless Pre-Stretched Hand Wrap is pre-stretched close to the breaking point, making the film stronger and easier to apply by hand. This versatile film is recommended for most manual wrapping applications.

Coreless Pre-Stretched Mini Bundling is ideal for quick, small-scale bundling jobs. This film is also pre-stretched close to the breaking point, enhancing the wrap’s strength and ease of use. This film is recommended for furniture, office supplies, and other small-scale applications.

Coreless Pallet Wrap is much like standard cast pallet wrap, except more lightweight and easier to handle. This plastic wrap roll is recommended for wrapping pallets, bundles, and larger loads without the need for a stretch wrapping machine.

Coreless stretch wrap offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive packaging solution for businesses. Its ease of use, excellent load containment capabilities, sustainability advantages, and versatility make it a reliable choice for securing and protecting palletized goods. By opting for coreless stretch wrap, businesses can enhance their packaging efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to environmentally conscious practices.