To choose between transparent, clear packaging or opaque packaging material depends largely on the characteristics of the product inside, and sometimes the intention of manufacturers is also considered. The selection between clear or opaque materials can be a major factor in a customer's purchasing decision. Let's take a quick look at what products must have which type of packaging.

Packaging Supplies

 Transparent/Clear Packaging

The biggest advantage of clear packaging is its see-through characteristic. It becomes easier to pick objects at a glance and compare with other available varieties. Mainly, products like stationery, apparel, pharmaceutical, retail or healthcare packaging are preferred to be packed in transparent materials. It makes it easy for customers to verify whether they have received the right parcel or not without manually opening each bag. The chance of shipping the wrong items to the customer is eliminated.

Clear packaging is mostly used to deliver brochures, magazines, apparel or some stationery samples. If you want to custom print product information or your company logo along with the parcel, you can opt for packaging materials that are transparent on one side and opaque on the other.

Opaque Packaging

Shipping valuable items or items that can be affected by environmental factors such as temperature or sunlight need to be packed in opaque materials that reduce exposure. However, if you need to keep documents handy, unless there is identification on the outside of the package, this would not be a good option as you will have to open and check every time you need them.

Sometimes you need to utilize opaque packaging materials to keep legal documents or bank letters containing sensitive information safe. Using tamper evident shipping mailing envelopes is a better option for keeping these types of important documents. Also, if the package contains products that can be affected by UV rays, Amber Reclosable Bags can be used that protect the inner contents from harmful rays. has a wide variety of choices to select from for your specific packaging needs. You can browse through our online store here: