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Cotton Tipped Applicators

Quick Overview

• Available in vials, bags and packets—sterile and non-sterile (depending on selected version)
• Various quantity ranges (depending on selected version)
• Single-tipped and wood shafted
• Ideal for cleaning injury related wounds
• Economical
• 100% pure cotton

[Per Qty]
1 6 12+ 6 12+ 6 12+ 6 12+ 6 12+
Cotton Balls - Sterile 100/BagCotton Balls - Sterile 100/Bag $5.20 $4.94 $4.69
Cotton Tipped Applicators: 3'' - 100/Bag3" - Cotton Applicators 100/Bag $0.68 $0.65 $0.62
Cotton Tipped Applicators: 6'' - 100/Bag6" - Cotton Applicators 100/Bag $0.84 $0.80 $0.76
Cotton Tipped Applicators: 3'' - 100/Vial3" - Cotton Applicators 100/Vial $2.05 $1.95 $1.85
Cotton Tipped Applicators: 6'' 100 Pkts of 2 - Sterile6" - Cotton Applicators Sterile 100 Packets of 2 $5.78 $5.49 $5.21

We are your leading source for first aid medical Cotton Tipped Applicators! This product will aid in supporting sufficient relief during wound recovery practices and is a valuable resource for a variety of reasons.Cotton Tipped Applicators are available in 3” and 6” sizes and they are a complimentary tool that helps provide with the safe sterilization practices when it’s time for you to add medicinal support to your injuries.Cotton Tipped Applicators are excellent when you’re applying antiseptic products to your wound areas or burn care ointments and creams to your injured area too.


Through premium products, reliable service, swift shipping, and discount specials you should allow us to be your solution for Cotton Tipped Applicators and many other first aid medical products.Generally recommended by most dermatologist’s, our Cotton Tipped Applicators are simply ideal for cleaning injury related cuts, punctures, and abrasions. Made from 100% pure cotton, these applicators definitely adds to appropriate sanitizing measurements. Our Cotton Tipped Applicators are a single tip wood shaft designed instrument that is excellent for applying meds to the skin with, and they go hand and hand with items like peroxide, alcohol, and many other relief generating products.


In so many cases, individuals take for granted how easily germs can spread, especially when applying medicine to a wound dressing or open burn area. This where our applicators come in handy as they extremely reduce the chances of further complications like bacterial infection or contamination to an already wounded area. For medical offices, nurses, first aid kits and the like, this product is a valuable support and a tool that improves safe and sterile procedures. These applicators are also good to use when you must apply medicine to a very sensitive wound area because they are soft and gentile and don’t cause added irritation to that area.

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