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Food Service Gloves

Food Service Gloves

Sanitation is key when handling food. Food Service Gloves are designed to keep restaurants and cafeterias clean and safe.

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About Our Food Service Gloves Products


Food Service Gloves are the key for employees that handle food, such as kitchen staff, servers, and food processing employees. These gloves are loose-fitting and designed to fit easily. Both TPE Vinal Food Service Gloves and High-Density Polyethylene Gloves are plastic materials that are durable and resistant to moisture.

These food-grade gloves are all powder-free, so you never have to worry about having a leftover residue on your hands or anything you touch. These are our most cost-efficient gloves as they are the thinnest gloves and are meant for light uses and then disposable. 

While these are the most affordable and can be great for quick uses and food prep, we recommend not relying only on these gloves. We offer powder-free vinyl and nitrile gloves, great for heavier food-service applications. We also provide cut-resistant and poly-coated gloves for safe knife handling and longer-term usage.

Our mission is to provide you with a one-stop-shop to get everything you need to create a safer and more efficient workplace. For this reason, we consistently source premium quality items for the workplace. For help with finding options within our inventory, please reach out to us.

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