Whether you’re a construction worker on the jobsite, or a DIY-er looking to improve their home, you want to keep the areas you’re not working on safe from the areas you are working on. The last thing you need when you’re in the middle of a project is your floors getting stained or damaged. That, and a devastating apocalyptic event.

Luckily for you, surface protection tape is available to answer your safeguarding needs. This adhesive film is easily unrolled onto your floors and keeps them safe from debris, stains, scrapes, and other kinds of common damage. However, some important steps need to be taken to ensure that your hard surface or carpet protection tape stays in place and works properly.


Clean the Surface


Before you apply an inch of tape, you need to clean the surfaces you intend to protect. For hard surfaces, dust and sweep to get rid of loose specks and particles. Then, mop your hard surfaces and let them dry before applying the tape.

For carpets, thoroughly vacuum every inch of the surface you’ll be covering with protection tape. If you think you need to, steam clean or shampoo your carpeting and wait until it’s completely dried before placing the tape down. Covering still-moist carpets with this tape can run the risk of developing mildew.


Wear Shoe Covers


Rubber soles and high-traction footwear can pull on surface protection tape and dislodge it from where it was placed. To avoid this, put shoe covers over your footwear.

These plastic coverings have less grip than your shoes, ensuring that your surface protection tape stays in place. Furthermore, shoe covers keep you from tracking dust, dirt, and other contaminants into your work area.


Apply It Carefully


Surface protection tape works in the same way any roll of pressure-sensitive tape does: unwind it and stick it to your surface. However, this kind of tape can be 2 feet wide or more, making it a cumbersome object to deal with.

We recommend two people for this job: one to hold the roll of tape steady and the other to unwind it and press it onto the surface. Make sure you’re both wearing shoe covers and avoid walking on the freshly applied tape as much as possible to give it a chance to effectively bond with the surface. Let the tape set for 48 hours before working and walking on it.

If you’re by yourself, you may want to get yourself a surface protection film applicator, which essentially works like an oversized paint roller.


Surface Protection Tape


Can’t Tape It? Wrap It


Surface protection tape isn’t just for floors. In fact, this tape can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including tables, countertops, large appliances, and more. However, when it comes to small and/or oddly shaped items, surface protection tape may not be up to the task.

In these instances, a roll of hand stretch wrap or mini bundling wrap will do the job. All you have to do is tightly wrap these objects all over in three or four layers of stretch film and they’ll be adequately protected from debris, moisture, and other contaminants. The plastic film clings to itself, so there’s no need for tapes, adhesives, or any other binder to keep it in place.


Don’t Leave It for Long


The acrylic adhesive used in hard surface and carpet protection tape is formulated to not leave an adhesive residue behind upon its removal. However, this only works within 45 days of applying the tape. After that, the bond will have solidified enough to impart a residue on your surface.

Make sure you keep track of when you applied your tape and how long it’s been there to keep your carpeting and hard surfaces free from unsightly residue.


No Scratching the Surface


Surface protection tape is essential for painting projects, renovations, construction, and more. Its light but firm adhesive held by its puncture-resistant plastic backing safeguards floors, carpeting, and other surfaces from unwelcome stains and scrapes. As long as you clean your surfaces, apply the tape carefully, wear shoe covers, and remove it within 45 days, you can keep unnecessary surface restoration off your to-do list.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our selection of surface protection tapes, available in carpet and hard surface varieties. All these products come with free shipping, so you can get to protecting your surfaces right away.

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