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Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers add an extra layer of protection to packages. Shop a variety of Bubble wrap–lined envelopes for all your shipping needs.

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Bubble Wrap–Lined Envelopes


About Our Bubble Envelopes


Bubble wrap–lined envelopes are great for keeping packages safe through rough transport. Yellow Kraft Bubble Envelopes come from an opaque material that conceals package contents. White Kraft Bubble Mailers protect contents from dust, dirt, & environmental damage during transit. Poly Bubble Mailers are waterproof mailing envelopes with a bubble wrap lining to absorb shock and secure your products throughout shipping and handling. Glamour Bubble Mailers add a “pop” of color to any parcel. Choose from a variety of attractive aluminum foil exteriors for your business. Bubble Out Bags are ideal for transporting fragile items safely.


All mailing envelope products on PSBM are approved and usable with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. We try and make purchasing mailers in bulk as simple as possible by including as much information as possible. On the category pages of any of our mailers, you will find outside dimensions, inside usable dimensions, lip sizing, and the amount per case. For companies frequently shipping products, we recommend buying in bulk to cut down on overhead costs. 


Shop High-Quality Bubble Mailers with the Lowest Online Prices


With such an extensive stock of bubble mailing envelopes and bubble-out bags, we can supply wholesale inventory at some of the lowest prices you can find online. The bulk of our catalog of shipping envelopes includes poly, kraft, and bubble mailers, which allows for a highly sustainable lineup of products. In other words, we not only make online wholesale shopping for businesses simple, but we also work hard to support the growth of environmentally friendly businesses. 


Bubble envelopes come from various materials like Polyethylene, kraft paper, and metalized plastic, the three main ingredients, depending on which mailer you select. If you want to know the main ingredient of the mailer you are purchasing, see the specification sheet on an individual product page. 


What To Know Before You Purchase


There are two important factors you need to be cognizant of before making a purchase that will fulfill all of your shipping requirements. The first is the material it comes from, which impacts what you should be shipping. The second is the sizing, as you need something that fits your product, and different sizes have different shipping costs. Buying oversized mailers will guarantee that the products you are shipping will fit but raises your overhead costs. 


When deciding on the correct size for your products, leave a half-inch extra space. Doing so will give you a little extra wiggle room in ensuring that there is enough room for your package. If you will be shipping fragile products, leave a little more space as you do not want to create added pressure and damage your package. In general, assume that the inside usable dimension is an inch smaller than the actual size. 


On any of our product pages, such as Kraft Mailers, you will see that the outside and inside usable dimensions are two different lengths. We have calculated this inch off already to make things simpler. If you are looking for the most eco-friendly options, we recommend shopping for kraft or poly bubble mailers. If you do not need as much padding during shipment, check out this poly mailers page, made from even less material.

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