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Colored Stretch Wrap

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Colored Stretch Wrap

Colored Stretch Wrap is great for color coding pallets of product. We offer both dark opaque colors as well as tinted films.

About Our Colored Stretch Wrap Products 


Explore opaque and tinted Color Stretch Wrap in multiple selections. Colored Hand Wrap rolls are great for wrapping and color-coding small packages for transit. Mini Bundling Wraps come smaller in width for light application uses and easy user handling, making them a perfect choice for smaller pallet loads. Many Colored Pallet Stretch Film comes with built-in handles for ease of application. Colored Machine Length Stretch Film rolls are high capacity and need to be applied by a machine. Machine length products are 5000 feet long, 3500 feet longer than hand wraps.  

The suggested use of our stretch wrap rolls is with the proper machine. If you plan to use a hand application for any of our films, we suggest you shop the mini bundling section. Are you looking for more specifically tailored products such as anti-static or UV protection features? Head over to our Specialty Stretch Wrap page.


Warehouse Organization  


One of the most important benefits of using colored stretch film products is the organization of your products it provides when storing your pallets. Color coding similar variants of parcels within your warehouse will allow for easy identification of these products. We currently offer seven different color options with both tinted and darker selections for both products. 


Tinted vs. Dark/Opaque 


Tinted films are the more transparent option allowing you to keep items protected but offering visibility to the contents within the pallet. The opaque alternative of these wraps will give a darker wrap application, allowing you to keep the contents within the pallet hidden. Both product options offer similar gauge, length, and core size choices. Choosing which roll to go with is simply a matter of preference or identification needs during transport.


Packaging Supply Company Support 


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