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Packaging Supplies

  1. Should Industries Consider Financing for Smart Equipment Purchases?

    Packaging manufactured products are important, and businesses look forward to using equipment that has the latest technology. To stay ahead of the competition and make a unique stand in the market, smart packaging of products is the ultimate solution. It requires a hefty investment and striking a balance between investing in smart packaging equipment and maintaining an optimum cashflow becomes a challenge.

    Packaging Supplies

    Financing for your Packaging Supplies machinery is surely the best option. There are financing strategies available for smart packaging machinery which can

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  2. 6 Common Product Packaging Mistakes You Can Avoid

    'Packaging' - There is so much buzz around the word itself and there are various dimensions related to it that play an important role in the decision making of buyers. Supermarket shopping has brought convenience to the buyers and competition to the sellers. It is a challenging task to end up in a shopping cart at the supermarket, and the journey is not easy. However, the slightest slip up can cost you money and bring down the sales numbers.

    Packaging Supplies

    Avoid these mistakes to increase the selling probability of your products:

    1. Lack of Package Testing

    It is very disappointing

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  3. The After-Auction Essential Packaging Must-Haves

    So, the auction is over and you're all set to ship your items. But do you know that a more important thing comes now? Packing and shipping your goods appropriately, in their original condition, is an important task as no one likes to get a damaged parcel. You see a huge assortment of items that are differently sized and shaped. To save you from packaging mishaps, here are a few take-aways for optimum packaging of auctioned goods.

    Order Standard Size Boxes

    Don't stack packing boxes in hundreds of numbers as you might end up wasting extra space while packing smaller items like watches and medals. Instead, order packs of 10 or 25 in different sizes so that you have the right size for right item.

    Ensure Proper Protection

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  4. How Much Does Your Packaging Actually Cost You?

    Have you ever thought what portion of your manufacturing costs goes into packaging? The unit price only gives you a rough idea and is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that packaging material accounts for less than 10% of your total packaging costs. The rest is usually ignored.

    Packaging Supplies

    Below are additional things make up the maximum share of the packaging costs that are mostly overlooked.

    Customer Dissatisfaction

    Today's customer is an aware customer and mostly shops online. Packaging plays an important role in retaining a customer and creating new customer base. Online shopping has raised packaging standards in order to achieve a positive customer

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  5. How to Find a Reliable Packaging Materials Supplier?

    Packaging has seen massive growth and has experienced a tremendous amount of turbulence in the past few years. With eCommerce gearing in, packaging has taken a leap towards sophistication and customer convenience. Packaging materials also improvised with time and brought in innovations that aimed at eco-friendliness and sustainability. Obviously, with the increase in demand, many packaging material suppliers entered the market; however, not all suppliers are reliable and smooth to work with.

    Packaging Supplies

    Great packaging results in great sales!

    The ultimate motive of any product manufacturing company is to achieve the targeted sales amount. Although your product is excellent, you need to

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  6. What Are Customers Looking for In Flexible Packaging ?

    The modern customer is very demanding, and manufacturers have a tough time keeping up with their expectations. Always catering to the society in a responsible manner, the packaging world also has innovated creative ways to stay ahead of the trend. Consumers are more concerned about health and therefore prefer packed fruits and vegetables, additive-free products and dietary supplements that have led a growth in demand for flexible packaging types.

    Flexible Packaging Supplies

    Modern packaging isn't just a container to occupy a product, protecting it from external attacks and ensuring delivery of a damage-free product to the end user. 

    It covers several other factors such as:

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    • The Paradigm Shift of Packaging Aesthetics in the Digital Era

      Why does packaging matter so much? Is it not enough that we provide the best quality product? To many such questions, there is just one answer - the customer wants it that way. The sale of their product is the ultimate motive of every manufacturing business and to achieve the desired numbers, marketers need to brainstorm thousands of ways to allure customers.

      Packaging Supplies


      A loyal consumer is hard to retain if the "right thing" is not done at the right time.

      Packaging is the first thing a customer notices about your product. We live in a very visual world and therefore it is obvious as to how buyers react to your product. However, when we talk of the

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    • Why is E-Commerce Packaging So Critical?

      Pack it well, or you lose it...

      E-commerce has really made shopping simple and quick. Customers get to see, review and compare products before ordering them, and all of this happens at a single click. With such comfort and ease of shopping, they have become very sensitive towards how sellers attract them. There is no room for compromise and therefore it is essential to recognize every aspect of customer satisfaction.

      ECommerce Packaging

      Packaging is a crucial element of e-commerce business. Let's understand why...

      Your buyer eagerly awaits the arrival of their package. The customer is obviously more interested in the product packed within; however, if the

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    • Guide to Packaging Convenience for Better Consumer Experience

      The consumer's perspective has always been a pre-requisite in the packaging industry for obvious reasons. Packaging styles offer maximum flexibility to encourage ease and convenience. Everyone appreciates packaging that is adaptable and keeps the packaged contents fresh and safe, and people from different parts of the world have completely different packaging needs.

      Shipping Envelopes

      Convenience of consumers widely depends on their demographics and culture. Every lifestyle defines convenience differently and packaging specialists struggle to make the best fit for a larger mass. Some people demand longer freshness of the packaged product as a primary motive, some prefer bulk buying, while others look for easy-to-carry style.

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    • Why are MULTIVAC Packaging Solutions So Popular?

      The making of packaging material means a warehouse full of powdered remains and scrap from the cutting of trees. The residue is sometimes recycled and the non-recyclable is trashed. There is a need to eliminate the traditional manufacturing process and stay more organized, clean and eco-friendly.

      Healthcare Packaging Products

      The MULTIVAC machines are designed diligently to save manufacturing units from producing so much waste. The intelligent design and technological expertise utilized in MULTIVAC thermoforming machines, promotes clean rooms, while enhancing efficiency which is mandatorily required in

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