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Glucose Packet

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Easy to open / carry Raises low blood sugar fast Commonly carried by EMTs / Paramedics



Glucose Packet, Tube, 1.1 Ounces, 1

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Glucose Packet
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Glucose Packet Tube 1.1 Ounces 1 $3.68 $3.68 $3.68 $3.68

The Glucose Packet is a small and easy to store resource as it can be used in sudden and immediate situations when one may need insta glucose to combat diabetic complications. It works rapidly to resolve issues pertaining to a high glucose level in the blood stream. Regarded highly in the market, the insta-glucose brings instant results because it’s a fast-acting relief form that absorbs sugar levels immediately. Its packaging allows users to keep the single dose tube nearby without a problem so that one is able to handle a diabetic reaction in a timely manner. This gel is easy to swallow and doesn’t require any chewing when taking it orally. The serving size is pre-measured so that users are totally fulfilled, and it offers a satisfying cherry taste so that it’s comfortable to ingest.

Diabetes is a medical condition that can’t be taken for granted and it affects people of all ages. If one is a part of a sports league, it’s recommended that one should always keep this product available with the training staff.

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