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Vinyl Gloves

Browse our selection of disposable Vinyl Gloves. An economical choice for both medical and industrial purposes.

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About Our Disposable Vinyl Gloves


Disposable Vinyl Gloves are the economical alternative to latex and nitrile gloves. Vinyl gloves are a good choice for tasks and projects that require protection but not high tactile sensitivity. Our vinyl gloves are available in Medical Exam and Industrial Grade varieties.

All of our vinyl options are five mil in thickness, providing you with more protection than a vinyl glove would typically give you. We still offer a medical exam version, but with a less snug fit, we would recommend a more general usage of this glove. These are another alternative to the latex option.

The thick layer of the glove provides excellent protection from outside chemicals and bloodborne pathogens. These gloves come in two options clear or blue. Vinyl is a more cost-effective option making them perfect for use in situations where frequent glove changes are required. Such food service-related industries, janitorial positions, and even nurses/doctors who switch gloves between general exams can benefit from this cost-saving option. 

High-Density Poly Gloves are great for foodservice industry businesses or painting professionals to save even more on the cost of disposable gloves. These are an even lighter glove option than Vinyl, so if you are frequently tossing gloves away, these can be a perfect cost-effective option.

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