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Types of Shoe Covers

Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable Shoe Covers are perfect for private contractors or trade workers. These plastic shoe covers protect surfaces from dirt and grime tracked in from outside.

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Types of Shoe Covers

About Our Disposable Shoe Covers

At PSBM, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of disposable shoe covers, tailored to meet the stringent requirements of various sectors including healthcare, construction, and food processing. Our innovative approach drives us to continuously enhance our products, ensuring they not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Benefits of Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers are essential in creating a hygienic barrier between the flooring and the wearer’s footwear. Ideal for scenarios where cleanliness and sterility are paramount, our shoe covers help prevent the spread of dirt, germs, and other contaminants. This makes them indispensable in cleanrooms, hospitals, and homes alike. With their disposability, they play a crucial role in infection control protocols, ensuring environments remain pristine.

Features of Plastic Shoe Covers

Crafted from high-grade plastic, our plastic shoe covers are designed for durability and superior protection against moisture and dirt. These covers are an excellent choice for industries where water resistance is necessary to maintain clean and dry conditions. The elastic bands around the ankle ensure that they fit securely, providing comprehensive coverage without slipping, which is vital for maintaining safety in potentially slippery environments.

Types of Protective Shoe Covers

Our range of protective shoe covers is designed to cater to diverse needs and environments. Each type offers unique features and benefits, ensuring you find the perfect match for your requirements.

i) Cast Polyethylene Shoe Covers

Our cast polyethylene shoe covers are the pinnacle of waterproof protection, designed to withstand various liquids and fluids. These shoe covers are particularly useful in environments where exposure to spills and splashes is common, such as laboratories or clinics. Their robust material ensures that your feet stay dry, no matter the conditions.

ii) Polypropylene Shoe Covers

Polypropylene shoe covers are your best bet for comfort and protection in drier settings. These covers are not only durable but also breathable, making them ideal for extended wear. They provide effective defense against dust, dirt, and other particulate matter, suitable for general industrial and healthcare environments where cleanliness is crucial.

Why Choose Our Paper Shoe Covers

Our paper shoe covers stand out for their simplicity and functionality. Constructed for minimal fuss and maximum efficiency, these covers offer a lightweight and breathable option, perfect for short-term usage scenarios such as residential or commercial property viewings or quick visits to sterile areas. They are designed for straightforward, effective coverage.


Q1. What are disposable shoe covers made of?

Ans.  Our disposable shoe covers are available in various materials tailored to specific needs. Polyethylene offers excellent fluid resistance, polypropylene provides durability and breathability, and paper ensures a lighter, straightforward option. Each material is chosen for its unique properties to offer the best protection in different environments.

Q2. What is the purpose of a shoe cover?

Ans.  Shoe covers are designed to keep environments free from contamination that can be carried in on footwear. They are crucial in areas where cleanliness and hygiene are a priority, protecting against the introduction of pathogens and maintaining sterile conditions.

Q3. Are disposable shoe covers waterproof?

Ans.  Yes, our shoe covers made from cast polyethylene are specifically designed to be waterproof. They provide dependable protection against spills and moisture, ensuring that environments such as operating rooms or chemical labs remain uncontaminated and safe.

Q4. How do I choose the right size of disposable shoe covers?

Ans.  Selecting the right size is straightforward with our versatile range. Our shoe covers are equipped with elastic bands that comfortably stretch to accommodate most shoe sizes. This flexibility ensures a snug fit that enhances safety and effectiveness in protecting against environmental contaminants.