Glamour Bubble Mailer

The holiday season is just around the corner. Despite the holiday hustle, there are so many reasons to be thankful. Perhaps your business expanded this year—or you are revamping your website to attract new customers.

We at PackagingSuppliesByMail want to show our appreciation to our loyal customers this season. We have created a list of ways to add extra “flare” to thank you notes this year.  

1. Add a “Pop” of Color

Glamour Bubble Mailers are an attractive aluminum foil envelope with bubble lining. These mailers add an extra pizazz to your shipments. Add a special touch to thank you notes and place them into Glamour Bubble Envelopes. These envelopes are similar to Poly Bubble Mailers.

Not only are these mailers fun, but they leave a lasting impression on customers. Added detail leaves customers in awe—they will surely remember their experience opening your note. Glamour Bubble Mailers are available in multiple sizes and colors. Pick out the perfect mailer here!

Metallic Bubble Mailers

2. Protects Packages from Damage

Glamour Bubble Mailers protect packages from dirt and moisture as well. These envelopes feature a bubble lining within them—so items remain safe even in rough transit. For further security, check out our list of envelope sizes. If you know the dimensions of your product, measure it ahead of time. Buy a bubble mailer that is a bit bigger than your shipment. This will decrease the likelihood of your item becoming damaged.

3. Branding Purposes

Glamour Bubble Mailers are great for branding purposes. Go the extra mile and brand mailers with your store colors. Glamour Mailers come in green, silver, gold, red, purple, blue, & black for your company’s shipping needs. Your business can even choose seasonal colors for the holiday season. Red, green, silver, and gold are great for end of the year celebrations. Add your business card or a personal note for an added touch. Your business will surely have consumers coming back!

Metallic Bubble Mailers

4. Thank Loyal Customers

Businesses always have customers that continuously buy their product. Go beyond customers’ expectations and send them a thank you note in a Glamour Bubble Mailer. Not only will your company look sophisticated, but patrons love knowing they are appreciated. This simple act can lead to future sales or contracts with large companies. Check out the perfect mailer size for your holiday cards here!

Year-end sales are always a busy time for employees. Add an extra touch to the holiday party by gifting employees with office essentials, chocolates, or goodies within a Glamour Bubble Mailer.

Silver Metallic Bubble Mailer

5. Personalized Gifts to Business Contacts

Some contacts stay with your company through shifts in management, revamping online forums, and constant changes. Add an additional surprise to shipments during the holiday season. Simply add some assorted mini chocolates or extra samples to their order. Small touches like these speak volumes and strengthen future business relations.

Overall, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail want to see your business flourish during the holiday season. Use these tips and tricks to grab customers’ attention and create memorable experiences. For a brighter burst of color, use Glamour Bubble Mailers for year-round celebrations.   

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