Creative and Fun Ways for Businesses to Use Tape

If packing and mailing your products and correspondence has grown a tad dull, jazz things up with packing tape! Tape comes in so many styles and varieties now, there’s no excuse not to add a touch of flair and memorable creativity to your packaging. Customers love it, and it’ll cut through the humdrum nature of preparing a package for mailing. To help you get started, here is a bunch of creative and fun ways for businesses to use tape.

Decorate a Personal Message

Customers love the personal touch of a thank you message. Writing a thank you note on cardstock and rimming the edge with colorful tape is the most basic way to make an impression. So are gift tags made of duct tape or packaging tape folded into special shapes and marked with a special “TO:/FROM:” messaging. If you’re extra creative, there are plenty of origami-type tape sculptures you can make and include in packaging for extra-special customers. You’ll find numerous plans online, from the simple to complex.

Make Tape a Branding Tool

If it’s in your budget, have tape branded with your logo and other branding information printed up. If it isn’t, take time to use bulk packaging tape or clear tape to add business cards, printed ads, and other information to the package’s exterior where the receiver can see it. Add more information to the inside flaps so they can see it when they open it. Increase the number of impressions to ensure they connect the contents with you and the service you’ve offered.

Decorate the Packaging with Colored Tape

Here’s another one of the most creative and fun ways for businesses to use tape. We’re well past the days of strictly brown and transparent tape. Stock up on brighter colors in different widths and, if time and talent allow, decorate your packaging with an eye-catching display of stripes, latticework, mosaics, and more. Let your imagination run wild! If the state of your business doesn’t allow you to get too crazy (some businesses are more serious than others), be sure you’re choosing your tape colors wisely. At the very least, they should reflect your brand. When clients see the colors, they know they have something to look forward to and who exactly sent it.