When it comes to packing up your products and shipments, you have plenty of choices for the tape you can use. From strapping to carton sealing to poly bag tape, there are dozens of strong, secure, and weather-resistant tapes out there. But for extra safety, security, and strength, your best bet is pressure-sensitive gummed kraft paper tape.

Using water-activated tape can ensure your packages remain sealed – among other benefits. If you still need more convincing, here are the top 8 reasons to use gummed paper tape for packaging.


1. Incredibly Strong


Pressure-sensitive paper tape can be used for any mailing package, but it especially shines when you employ it on heavy-duty and important packaging. The strongest brands of kraft packing tape are, obviously, made of tough kraft paper, which is made even tougher with fiberglass strands that won’t break under tremendous pressure. The water-activated sealant also provides a better seal and grip. When it goes on, it stays on and won’t come loose without some effort. It's best for gripping onto cardboard and corrugated paper, effectively fusing with the packaging that it’s keeping closed.


2. Impossibly Secure


Many cheap tapes can lose their grip a little too easily. Moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures can make many packing tapes weaken and peel, leaving the contents of the package exposed. Likewise, packages can get jostled or fall while in transit, which causes weaker tapes to come loose and spill your goods everywhere. These low-quality tapes are also a godsend for thieves and vandals, allowing them to reach past the tape and snatch up the contents or further damage the package.

Gummed paper tape, on the other hand, is a much more secure option. Not only is kraft tape considerably stronger than your average packing tape, but it also creates a unique and powerful bond with packaging surfaces. The water-activated adhesive forms a kind of weld with cardboard and paper surfaces, essentially becoming one with the material that it’s sealing. This cling is so strong that it is practically impossible to remove the tape without damaging the tape and/or the package underneath. So you can let out a sigh of relief knowing your goods will remain safe while going from Point A to Point B.


3. Looks Sharp


Brown and tan may not be the most exciting colors on the spectrum, but when pressure-sensitive kraft paper tape is applied properly, it looks stylish and sharp. Customers will appreciate a well-packaged box that arrives the same way it went out: sealed, protected, and perfectly angular. This makes you look better and more professional as a result, as customers link your business with the smart look of your packaging. And don’t overlook the branding possibilities. Paper tape can be stamped, colored, and otherwise decorated with logos, slogans, and other pieces of branding that you want to have seen on your shipments.


4. Fast and Furious


Speed up production with water-activated pressure tape. Just set up a kraft tape dispenser in the mailroom, the warehouse, or anywhere else, then watch as your employees whip through box after box, creating a perfectly secure and striking H-shaped seal on the top of each package. Faster and more accurate packaging translates into greater productivity for all, leaving more time to find even better ways to do everything else! Besides, the quick efficiency of kraft tape dispensers makes them quite satisfying to work with.


Origin of Kraft Tape


5. Greener Overall


If you love the Earth, pressure-sensitive kraft paper tape is perfect for you. Unlike most plastic-based tapes, this paper tape is completely recyclable, so you and your clients can feel guilt-free when tossing old cardboard boxes sealed with it into the recycling bin. Kraft tape is stronger than standard packing tape, so less tape is needed to form a secure seal; this results in cost savings in the long run. You will have to make the initial investment in a dispenser and several rolls of tape, but the dispenser always puts out a fixed amount of tape. That means you can keep track of how much you use without ever using more than you need – as you might do with plastic tapes applied with hand dispensers. It all adds up!


6. A Tape for All Seasons


Water-activated pressure tape is suitable for packaging almost anything. It’s strong enough to handle heavy objects and demanding loads. It holds the carton closed so that perishables remain intact and unspoiled. The tape protects high-value items by adding a tamper-resistant seal to the package. It helps to keep breakables in place so that they won’t suffer damage when en route to their destination. Finally, there’s no industry, business, or endeavor that this type of tape is unsuitable for. Water-activated pressure tape fits in with any company and fits perfectly on packaging everywhere!


7. It’s Less Tiring


Because it uses a dispenser, water-activated pressure tape is easier on your employees. Though a handheld plastic tape dispenser is speedy, it wastes tape and puts constant stress on the operator. Most of the work of rolling out, wetting, and cutting the water-activated pressure tape is done by the machine, meaning little to no stress on your workers’ hands, arms, shoulders, backs, and legs. This means not only greater efficiency but also your employees are less tired and less likely to suffer repetitive stress injuries that can slow them down or take them out of commission. That means fewer sick days, lower insurance premiums, and a better, happier, and healthier attitude in the workplace!


8. Nature-Proof


One of the biggest enemies of packages is the great outdoors. More than likely, your packages will arrive and sit on a client or customer’s front porch or similar outdoor area, suffering the rigors and challenges of rain, sleet, snow, and any number of other environmental hazards. Sometimes, that single strip of tape is the only thing standing between your product and nature.  A well-sealed package can keep food and other edible items from being sniffed and potentially eaten by a passing possum, squirrel, or other critters. Use pressure-sensitive kraft paper tape to build a strong seal that even the outdoors can’t break through!

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider investing in gummed paper tape for your shipments. As you use more kraft tape, you will discover how this strong, secure, and eco-friendly tape can save you money and improve your packaging processes. Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail, we have a wide variety of kraft tapes, including flat back and Central brand tape. On top of this, we offer free shipping. So contact us today and we can get you started on your journey with gummed kraft paper tape.


Top Reasons to Use Gummed Paper Tape for Packaging