It's happened to all of us. We're packing up an order for shipping, and we realize we're short a roll of tape. So, we run to the supply room, grab a roll, and get to work. We're packing up the box, using the tape to secure our contents and keep them safe. It all seems fine until we get a call from an unhappy customer saying they received their package with the tape peeling off and the contents spilling out.

If you find yourself in this scenario, it could be because you've made one of these four common mistakes when selecting packaging tape:

Choosing the Wrong Tape

There are a few different types of packaging tape available on the market; each one is designed for a specific purpose. For example, bulk packaging tape is made to be used with dispensers and is great for sealing large boxes. If you're using a standard roll of tape, make sure it's the correct width for the box you're sealing. This adds another layer of security for your products during transit.

Make sure you're aware of the different tape strengths. A standard packaging tape is usually good for light-to-medium weight packages, whereas a heavy-duty packing tape is ideal for heavier items and is less likely to tear or come undone.

Applying Tape Incorrectly

It's important to apply the tape in a straight line and to make sure it's pressed down firmly against the box. If you have excess tape, use scissors to cut it off before folding it over the flap of the box. This will help keep your package looking neat and tidy.

Also, be careful not to allow the tape to touch any of your products. It's important that you keep the tape away from it so that it doesn't get damaged during shipping.

Tape should also be applied at a temperature above 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees C). Any colder, and the adhesive may not work properly when applied to the package.

Not Using Enough

It's important to use enough tape on your package. If the box is not securely taped, it could easily come undone during shipping and spill its contents. Use at least two strips of tape in opposite directions for maximum security.

If you're using a dispenser, ensure the tape is fully extended before pressing it against the box. This will help ensure that there's enough adhesive on the tape to keep it in place.

Not Using the Right Color

It's important to choose a tape color that matches your brand. For example, if you're shipping out boxes with a red logo on them, opt for red packaging tape. This will help make sure customers recognize your brand when they receive their package in the mail. The color of the tape can also help you identify packages that need to be shipped out sooner than others.

Choose the Right Packaging Tips

Avoiding these common mistakes made when selecting packaging tape allows for better shipping experiences and happier customers. offers different types of packaging types and solutions for your commercial packaging needs.

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