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Poly mailers are essential to the e-commerce industry. These waterproof envelopes are a great alternative to corrugated cardboard boxes. Not to mention, lightweight mailers save sellers tons of money in shipping fees. We answered a few of the most common questions below!

What are poly mailers made from?

Poly mailers are made of polyurethane material. Polyurethane is a versatile plastic that can be molded into various shapes and sizes. According to the American Chemistry Council, a collection of companies discovering chemical innovations, “Polyurethanes can be found in mattresses, couches, insulation . . . and many other places and applications.”

Poly mailers are durable, white plastic bags that ship products with ease. These envelopes feature a fold-over lip and self-sealing adhesive. No extra tape is needed.

All poly mailers resist dirt, dust, & moisture—so purchases stay secure in transit! 

What are poly bubble mailers?

Poly bubble mailers add even more security to shipments. These mailers are pre-lined with a ‘bubble wrap’ to absorb shock during transit. This is a great way to secure merchandise and save money. Durable mailing envelopes are lightweight, so companies do not have to pay expensive freight costs.

We also have bubble-out bags, which are similar with the same bubble padding features but are clear, which allow you to see the contents within. These bags are an alternative to standard packaging options and great for protecting fragile items.

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Recyclable Mailers

Are poly mailers recyclable?

Yes, poly mailers are recyclable. Simply cut off the label with your name and address on it before recycling. Poly mailers do not need to be broken down further—simply place them in a personal recycling container and go about your day!

Unfortunately, many individuals do not know that polyurethane material is recyclable. Tons of plastics end up in landfills each year—yuck!

Companies and individuals can change this narrative and help contribute to global efforts in minimizing waste. Businesses can mention frequently recycled poly mailers on customers’ receipts. Smaller brands can educate employees about recycling initiatives. Remember, we are all in this together!  

Returnable Poly Mailers

Are poly mailers reusable?

Returnable poly mailers are reusable and perfect for first time shoppers. These mailers have two self-seal adhesive strips to return unwanted merchandise.

If items need returned, individuals can simply peel off the second adhesive strip and remail the purchase. To make this process smoother, make sure to verify the return address with a customer service representative. 

Other mailers have one permanent adhesive—so they are only sealed once. Poly mailers are great for frequent buyers—while returnable mailing envelopes are ideal for potential exchanges. 

Are poly mailers the best shipping mailers for clothes?

Expansion Poly Mailers are excellent for shipping clothes with ease. These mailers have a gusseted bottom for bulkier items. Expandable poly mailers are a cost-efficient way to send books, clothes, or irregular shaped merchandise to customers.

Returnable poly mailers are another great choice. These mailers are perfect for items that are frequently sent back, such as clothes ill-fitting that customers tried on but cannot keep. Shoppers can simply place unwanted apparel within the mailing envelope to return or exchange. 

How do you measure a poly mailer bag for shipping?

Whether you are shopping for mailers on our store or elsewhere, it is important to understand how the measurements have been made for the listing. We like to make it very clear what the inside usable dimensions are for our mailer products. The inner dimensions represent the space within the mailer that can be used comfortably to hold an item. Some companies will include the length of the mailer’s lip in their overall measurement. When you order a 5” x 10” mailer from those stores, you will find that you may only be able to fit an item that is 5” x 8.5”. Always try to shop by comparing usable dimensions when possible. 

Wholesale Poly Mailers

Which size poly mailer should I use?

The size of mailer that you need depends on what you are shipping. Start by measuring the length, width and depth of the item that needs to be shipped. This is going to be the minimum size that you can start to shop for. Remember that mailers are measured flat. If you have an item with a large volume, you might want to consider an Expansion Poly Mailer as these have gusseted bottoms that will expand and provide more room. If you are looking for bubble mailers, add ½” to your measurement because the bubble lining will take up some space. 

Always choose a size that is larger than your item’s measured dimensions. With poly mailers you can always seal the lip of the envelope further down to create a tighter seal on the object. You cannot stretch poly mailers to create extra space if you purchased a size too small. You can also refer to the USPS website for calculating a mailer's dimensional weight or poly mailer weighing options.

How do you ship poly mailer bags?

Put your valued supplies within the mailer. Make sure all materials fit inside. Peel off the adhesive strip and fold over the sticky tab to seal. Poly mailers can be shipped with any of the main carriers. UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service will all accept shipments in poly mailer bags.

Direct thermal or transfer labels can be purchased from PackagingSuppliesByMail. Put a shipping label on the outside of the mailer—making sure the label fits flat on one side of the mailer and that there are no folds. 

How much does shipping goods in poly mailers cost?

According to the United States Postal Office, a 9” x 12” mailing envelope starts at $7.95 to ship (Priority Mail). A small box costs $8.55—that’s a difference of .60 cents! It might not seem like a lot of money—but consider sellers that ship thousands of items per day. Businesses could be saving millions of dollars per year! Choosing more cost-effective options can be a huge difference-maker. When calculating shipping costs, ensure to keep the dimensional weight of your shipment in mind.

Which is the best choice: Kraft bubble mailers or poly bubble mailers?

Ultimately, business personnel decide the best packaging options for their company. Kraft bubble mailers have a natural look that many people enjoy. Kraft envelopes can also be customized further. However, poly bubble mailers are truly moisture resistant. These envelopes could be designed to intrigue customers as well. At the end of the day, there is no standard poly mailer, it's just about selecting the best option for your needs.

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