Bubble Mailer

Postal services process and deliver over 472 million pieces of mail per day. Envelopes get tossed around by machines and hands until they reach their desired destination. Few envelopes reach final locations without tears or damages.

We at PackagingSuppliesByMail provide companies with exceptional packaging supplies to protect product during shipping. Poly Mailers further safeguard items from environmental damages during transit. We encourage you to read more essential benefits of Poly Mailers below.

What are Poly Mailers?

Poly Mailers are a light-weight alternative to boxed packaging supplies. These shipping envelopes are weather and moisture resistant to ensure product safety. Poly Mailers come in a variety of selections & sizes to fit your company’s needs.

Poly Mailer

1. Poly Mailers Are Cost Efficient

Poly Mailers are perfect for shipping light-weight product across the United States. These mailers take up less space than regular shipping materials. This makes them an ideal solution to save on packaging costs. Not to mention—Poly Mailers are already approved by the USPS, UPS, and FedEx facilities. Shipping just got easier!

2. Reduce Shipping Damages

Poly Mailers protect product from dust, dirt, & moisture. Not to mention, these mailing envelopes are flexible through rough transport. Poly Mailers can be packed with small boxed items, clothes, & jewelry. Poly Bubble Mailers are great for extra cushioning during shipment. Poly Bubble Mailers have a lined bubble wrap interior to absorb shock and safeguard items in transport.

Glamour Bubble Mailer 3. Great for Branding Companies

Catalogs and newspapers can be placed within Clear View Poly Mailers. These mailing envelopes are perfect for small business newsletters and advertisements. Clear View Poly Mailers can keep reading material safe though unknown weather conditions.

Glamour Bubble Mailers are great for branding purposes. Go the extra mile and brand mailers with your store colors. These metallic mailers add a pop of color to your shipments and keep valuable items from getting lost during transit. Glamour Mailers come in green, silver, gold, red, purple, blue, & black for your company’s shipping needs.

Stayflat Mailers 4. Poly Mailers are Versatile

Poly Mailers come in multiple thicknesses to suit your business needs. We recommend thicker mailing envelopes for semi-fragile materials. Choose between 2, 2.5, and 3 Mil. Mil is a common unit of measurement in manufacturing. Mil is equal to a thousandth of an inch. Further, a 3 Mil envelope is .003 inches thick. Thicker mailers help product through bumpy transit.

Companies can choose from a variety of mailing envelopes to suit their business. For example, Stayflat Mailers are perfect for sending legal documents or bills to customers. Expansion Mailers are great for sending bulkier clothing or items to patrons.

Returnable Poly Mailer 5. Returnable Poly Mailers Save on Reshipment

Returnable Poly Mailers are a great option for first-time customers. These mailing envelopes have two self-seal adhesive strips instead of one. If items are unwanted, a customer can simply peel back the second adhesive strip and re-mail the purchase. Customers no longer have to spend their own money on return packaging.

Overall, Poly Mailers are great for shipping fabrics and clothing items across the country. Just make sure your product can withstand shifts during transport. If products being shipped are very fragile—Poly Mailers are not the best choice. Semi-fragile materials can be placed in mailers with great care. Protective fillers—like newspaper or bubble wrap can be placed in mailers for extra protection. Companies also buy Poly Bubble Mailers for extra cushion during shipment. Also, Poly Mailers are recyclable—so companies and customers feel good using them!

Check out various styles and selections of Poly Mailers at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com. If you have more questions, talk to a representative at 440-914-0530. We hope you “seal” the deal and return for more!

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