1 in 10 people will receive a damaged package daily within the United States. Hurried package delivery employees do not always take extra precautions when placing shipments on doorsteps. Added packages during holiday seasons can leave postal employees stressed and crunched for time.

We at PackagingSuppliesByMail want to see your small business succeed year-round—despite packaging mishaps. We have created a list of common mistakes in packaging, so more customers receive shipments safely and purchase again.  

1. Lack of Package Testing

Customers might avoid purchasing from your brand again if they receive damaged items. Evaluate and test your company’s shipping methods for safe transport each quarter. An employee can send a specific product to their home to assess damages within the shipping process. Your company can then reassess shipping and packaging practices based on the condition of the package if needed.  

Corrugated Boxes

Customers find it very disappointing to receive damaged product. Test your packaging and shipping styles for durability and rough handling through this easy practice. Choosing the correct packaging will reduce the load on your customer service team—while limiting losses caused by damaged products.

Corrugated Boxes are perfect for safeguarding product. Even the smallest items can be shipped safely in a BX555 (5 in x 5 in x 5 in) box. Corrugated Boxes are specifically designed to withstand damages during shipment; these boxes are made up of small, ridged layers for extra padding during transport.

2. Inadequately Packing Shipments

Packing shipments for transport is an artform. During busy seasons, boxes may be packaged inadequately due to time constraints. This can lead to damaged goods and unhappy customers. Many companies face shortages over holiday seasons—leaving tons of product for shipment and not enough people to pack.

Poly Bubble Mailers

It is important to plan your shipping methods ahead of that rush. Decide what packing material is needed and create a guide so your employees can be prepared. Managers can also meet with H.R. to discuss holiday overtime options for employees or hire seasonal staff.

Some products, such as Poly Bubble Mailers, have extra packing material built in. This makes it easy on your shipping department by removing the need to add bubble wrap or packing peanuts to each shipment. Not to mention, these mailers are already approved by USPS, FedEx, and UPS—so shipping just got easier!

3. Improper Training Practices

Great employees are the backbone of any business. Any employee packaging product needs to be trained appropriately. Lack of training could cost businesses time and money. Each quarter, managers could demonstrate quality packaging practices in front of employees. These practices can “refresh” employees during busy seasons.

Before hurried holiday seasons, managers could also discuss when to use specific packaging supplies. Workers can ask questions if needed. These practices can become teachable moments over time. Establishing quality standards and training employees to meet them is crucial for any brand.

Stretch Wrap

4. Using the Wrong Stretch Wrap for Bundling Product

Stretch Wrap can make or break a sale. With so many potential options, finding great stretch wrap can be overwhelming. Stretch Wrap is measured by gauge (thickness) and width. Heavier and thicker films secure product better—and cost more money.  

Lower Gauge Stretch Wraps (36 to 65 gauge) can be used to lower production costs—but make sure your packages remain undamaged in transit! 80 gauge is the standard for most stretch wraps--so many companies start there. Hand Wrap is perfect for bundling smaller packages together as well. If your purchasing team has any further questions, feel free to talk to one of our representatives at 440-914-0530.

Glamour Bubble Mailers

5. Choosing the Wrong Packaging Materials

Select packaging materials that make sense for the product being sold. Buying bigger, corrugated boxes does not make sense if selling small jewelry. A great practice might be sitting down with purchasing members and walking through your product.

What items are the most popular? What items can your company bundle to boost sales and save money? What packaging materials are needed to get the job done correctly? 

Come up with a rough plan of what packaging supplies make sense for your company. Be sure to browse our Packaging Supplies category for more ideas. Here you will find some customer favorites: polymailers, bubble mailers, and glamour bubble mailers.

Overall, PackagingSuppliesByMail wants your company to succeed. Use these tips and tricks to avoid packaging mistakes and boost sales.

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