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  • Importance of First Aid Medical Supplies & Training at Workplaces

    First aid supplies save life and knowing how to use them is essential, may it be at home or workplaces. Since certain industrial workplaces are more susceptible to accidents, they ought to be well-stocked with medical supplies that could be used at the emergency hour.

    To buy a kit and put it in a safe place without knowing how to use it ever is easy. Most people have a notion that they are never going to need it. And then, they expire, deteriorate and will not be of any use when an emergency occurs and someone’s life is actually needs them at the very moment. So, to avoid certain mishaps at workplaces, the first aid kits must be regularly checked and items must be added or replaced whenever required. A basic first aid kit at industrial set-ups must include medical scissors, tongue depressors, ammonia inhalants, thermometers, disinfectants, diabetic first aid supplies, and some industry specific equipment. There must be an in-charge who regularly keeps a check on the kit and replace an expired or already item from the kit so that it is always ready to serve those in need. Also, for such critical circumstances, you cannot afford to have low-quality products. So, stock your shelves only with quality medical supplies from reliable suppliers like Packaging Supplies By Mail who have been serving the market from long years.

    First Aid Kits available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    Only stocking medical supplies is not enough. Knowing emergency treatment techniques is also important. Although most of the people think they know how to treat a person using the emergency kit, a proper training is required for certain complex situations as working with hazardous materials and machinery could lead to unexpected and dangerous situations. Some workplaces are greatly exposed to injury risks due to the machinery and chemicals they use. In an emergency, it is utmost required that others who are going to help must be calm and confident about the care as it would directly affect the injured one.

    By this time you must be convinced that having a good stock of medical supplies is very essential at workplaces. We, at Packaging Supplies By Mail take industrial safety seriously and contribute by offering this medical equipment at very economical prices. Please contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to order your first aid kit now or place your order at our website

  • It’s July 4th - Look in for Amazing & Reasonably Priced Packing Materials

    The reds, blues, and whites are spurring out of the junk boxes and have suddenly gained more importance. Yes, it is the independence week and July 4th calls for a special occasion to celebrate with these colors. Shops are flooded with gift items and the masses are excited to exchange gifts with their loved ones. Not only do the general masses but businesses also take this opportunity to strengthen relations by presenting some sort of token on this special day.

    Independence Day Packaging Ideas available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Independence Day Packaging Ideas

    Although gift items matter a lot, what’s more interesting is how your gift packaging looks like and how you choose to ship your gift. Intelligent manufacturers have devised ways to make interesting packaging material that would add up more meaning to the gift you choose. The kind of packaging you select determines your personal interests and willingness while keeping the parcel safe throughout its journey. Kraft bubble mailers are the most trusted packaging supplies that are widely used due to their highly efficient performance over the years. They are awesome for packing non-fragile items like clothing, jewelry, etc. They are also lined at one side by bubbles which offer shock and temper resistance to the item packed within.

    A step ahead of the Kraft bubble mailers are the glamour bubble mailer, also known as metallic bubble mailers, that are shiny, glittering packaging materials – just perfect for gifting purpose. A gift looks amazingly curious and distinct from the other parcel items as the glamour bubble mailers are colorful, safe, tamper and weather-resistant and cost effective. Your Independence Day gift can be thoughtfully packed to promote your patriotism towards the nation while spreading happiness. Glamour mailers have dared to outrage the packaging industry traditions of using white and colorless materials and are being loved by the youngsters as it adds life to their gift item. Not only do they look attractive, but they protect your shipment and prevent them from getting damaged during transit. Shipping mailing envelopes are a collection of various types of mailers that are manufactured as per industry standards and are approved by third-party courier services like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

    Make this July 4, 2017 a memorable holiday by exchanging gifts securely and saving huge amounts on the packaging material. The Packaging Supplies By Mail online store has many exciting shipping supplies for your packaging and shipping needs. We are trusted sources of packaging and shipping material in the US and stock multiple sizes and numbers for some specific requirements. You can place your order at or call us at 1-800-456-2467 to know about the package size and quantity.

  • Are Polyethylene Gloves Right for Use in Food Industry?

    Food service industry demands high level of hygiene and thus all who handle food items at different levels must be equipped with the right kind of tool so that there are no chances of contamination. In locations where food is prepared or processed, special attention is given to food safety and cleanliness as consumers often see how and what they are being served. As food needs to be handled directly by hands, there must be a barrier which is both – safe and economical.

    Polyethylene Gloves available at Packaging  Supplies By Mail Polyethylene Gloves

    Amongst the many types of industrial gloves available on the market, disposable polyethylene gloves are the most economical gloves to be used in the food industry. They are light-weight gloves that are designed for quick jobs that provide easy pull-in and pull-out. People working in the food industry require gloves that are light-fitting so that they can work comfortably wearing those. Moreover, the poly gloves are very economical and least expensive of all glove types. Polyethylene gloves are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for short cooking as well as serving tasks. FDA states that all employees working with food items must wash their hands whenever they make contact with food. However, this cannot be monitored regularly, so the polyethylene gloves make a better option to remain safe and hygienic.

    The advantages of poly gloves over the other types of gloves make it the first choice for food industry workers. They are latex free, moisture-resistant and do not conform to the hands very closely – apt for busy workmen working in the food industry. Unlike nitrile or latex gloves, they are free from proteins and other powder forms that would possibly contaminate your food thereby causing allergic reaction to consumers. The polyethylene gloves also can be put to light cleaning tasks around homes such as arts, crafts, painting, etc.

    You will find just the right size and quantity of poly gloves at our online store. Packaging Supplies By Mail are reliable packaging supplies dealers who have served the industry with its quality products for long. Browse through all our categories or contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to place your order now.

  • Why Our Aluminum Foil Tapes are A Popular Adhesive Industrial Tape?

    The Aluminum foil tapes are commonly used in construction industries, HVAC installation and repair, and for electrical applications. The reason why these tapes find utility in such critical environments is because the Aluminum foil tapes possess certain qualities that are not found in any other variety of industrial tapes on the market. These tapes are chemical resistant, flame resistant, offer good thermal connectivity as well as light reflectance. The foil tapes can sustain all types of weather conditions and hence is the preferred choice for critical tasks.

    Aluminum Foil Tape available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Aluminum Foil Tape

    The Aluminum foil tapes have great temperature versatility and can work under varied range of temperatures i.e. from 248°F to -22°F and can be conveniently in temperature ranging from 14°F to 104°F.  In contrast to all other types of industrial tapes, these work comfortably in extremely cold temperatures too. Moreover, the foil tapes are made of an acrylic adhesive that gives an added advantage as acrylic holds the tape strongly in high temperature ranges too. Duct tapes, for instance are made with rubber adhesive that can delaminate the adhesive due to lower mechanical strength and poor aging resistance and act poorly under UV light. The acrylic adhesives make the aluminum foil tapes durable as compared to any other variety of industrial tapes. Also, due to their polar nature, they bond to the polar surfaces easily and strongly.

    Unlike mastic, the foil tape variety is a wonderful tool as it is not messy and doesn’t require any additional equipment or fasteners such as dry wall mesh, sheet metal screws, or scrap metal to seal large areas. It can be conveniently used to seal air handlers or holes in a furnace. The foil tapes work amazingly well at construction sites where pressure sensitive tapes are generally used.

    The Aluminum foil tapes offer better thermal stability, cohesion, adhesion, and strength than the rubber adhesives. Neither high temperatures nor UV exposure – the foil tapes are taken down by none. You get a huge variety of wholesale industrial tapes at the Packaging Supplies By Mail online store. You can place your order by visiting or calling us at 1-800-456-2467.

  • How to Reduce Hearing Loss Incidences in Industrial Workers

    Industrial deafness is one of the most common occupational hazards these days and is the major concern especially for the people working in the manufacturing sector. While working with machines, repeated exposure to noise can lead to noise induced hearing loss. Noisy environment at work means every day of constant exposure to the unsafe environment for your ears. Wearing a hearing protector is advised by physicians if the sound level exceeds 85 decibels at workplace. Apart from the regular kind of noise that is produced during a mechanical operation, there is an impulse noise that is sudden and loud like the ear-splitting sound of a nail-gun firing or an air-compressor when it reaches its apex. These harsh sounds can cause a severe hearing impairment or can even startle a worker while carrying out dangerous tasks that would invite other hazardous accidents at workplace.

    Do hearing protections prevent hearing loss incidences?

    Definitely yes. There is a variety of hearing protection devices and the choice depends on the nature of work environment that individuals work in and the type of sounds they are exposed to. Certain industries such as warehousing, transportation, and carpentry have intermittent noises that are bearable and cause a controlled damage that can be simply avoided by using ear plugs (for eg. Max Lite ear plugs, Laser Lite ear plugs) or other low-end options. However, the heavy work industries like manufacturing, mining, and other similar industries have aggressive and high volume noise that can lead to complete loss of hearing.

    Hearing Protection - Ear Muff available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Hearing Protection - Ear Muff

    Hearing protection devices (HPDs) such as advanced ear plugs and high quality ear muffs are comfortable and convenient options that serve as a protection in the noisy environment and offer safety to the industry workers. 3M and Howard Leight and Moldex have a good range of hearing protection devices that have proved their capacities through extensive use since years now. They are manufactured with maximum comfort features so that your normal activities are not hampered and there is no inconvenience.

    You will find a variety of hearing protection devices at Packaging Supplies By Mail store at economical prices and different package sizes so that you can stock up enough for your workplace. Visit us at to look out for the most suitable hearing protection for your peculiar needs or call us at 1-800-456-2467 and we will be happy to fulfill your order at the earliest.

  • Difference Between Thermal Transfer Labels and Direct Thermal Labels

    Thermal Transfer Labels:-

    The thermal transfer labels are labels that require a ribbon while printing. Both the ribbon and label goes through the printer where wax and resin is transferred onto the label with the help of heat (hence the name – thermal transfer labels). The ribbon’s function is similar to that of ink in inkjet printers. The wax and resin have replaced ink here. The ribbons used in thermal transfer labels are available in colors other than black, letting you have a multi-colored print. Thermal transfer labels are scratch-resistant and durable too – ideal to be used for various applications.

    Labels available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Labels

    Direct Thermal Labels:-

    Unlike the thermal transfer labels, the direct thermal labels do not use ribbons to print. In direct thermal label printing, the labels feed directly into the printer and as the print head runs over the label, a chemical reaction takes place due to which the heated portions darken causing the printed label. When compared to the thermal transfer printing, the direct thermal label printing is convenient and cost saving as it does not require ribbon. However, there is a downside of using these labels – they are not tough enough to resist scratches or heat and are susceptible to fading when exposed to direct sunlight or stored in warm places.

    Here are the pros and cons of both the label types for you to decide on which suits better to your requirements:

    Thermal Transfer Labels



    • No waiting time for letting the ink dry
    • Low operational costs
    • Swift, reliable printing
    • Not resistant to humidity, temperature, or chemicals
    • Discoloration over time
    • Print can be damaged due to friction/abrasion

    Direct Thermal Labels



    • Ink dries quickly
    • Long lasting prints
    • Ability to withstand liquids and chemicals
    • Excellent temperature resistance (freezing to boiling)
    • Can smudge under heavy abrasion
    • Only wax can be used with materials like paper

    Packaging Supplies By Mail are leading suppliers of shipping labels – both the direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. The Direct Thermal labels are usually put to use for short-term barcode labels, pallet labels, and address labels while Thermal Transfer labels are used for wire marking, asset tags, high-density barcode labels, or indoor/outdoor signage. We stock varied size options in different pack quantities for making appropriate product available to your business’s specific requirements. For more details, visit or call us at 1-800-456-2467.

  • Why Are Direct Thermal Labels Used for Barcode Printing?

    Barcoding is an amazing introduction to the world with its unique contribution to the retail industry. With just a few lines, barcodes convey so much information related to a specific product. This fine array of lines is printed on very tiny direct thermal labels that are most commonly used for barcode printing. Manufacturers use the barcodes on the thermal labels to code information about a product while retailers use them to automate inventory management and to scan merchandise easily for pricing. Recently, produce suppliers have started using the direct thermal labels with barcode printed on them on fresh foods.

    Direct Thermal Labels available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Direct Thermal Labels

    While there are so many label choices available on the market, direct thermal labels are the ones which are mostly preferred for industrial purposes as barcodes can be printed on them via either direct thermal printing or thermal transfer. This method is comparatively less expensive and has proved to be an effective solution for many applications. Direct thermal labels find many useful purposes whether it be labeling an avocado or a pallet. They are ideal for short-term use or even up to months and years or for items that are kept indoors or for visitor passes. However, these labels are not resistant to high amount of UV radiation, abrasion, or moisture and therefore can easily get faded or turn completely black if not printed with the right thermal dye. You can use dyes or protective coating on the direct thermal labels while printing that would reduce harmful effects caused by some exposures. For example, the Polypropylene labels are coated with a synthetic substrate that creates a waterproof label and can be used for application on items that require refrigeration. Also, the direct thermal labels are an ideal choice for application on items that have a shorter shelf life (for example – bakery products & meat).

    Why surf the internet only to find a bad batch of thermal labels when you have a trusted supplier of quality direct thermal labels who have been supplying all kinds of labels to the industrial organizations and retailers at affordable rates. Visit to browse through a wide collection of thermal labels or contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to place an order with us.

  • 360 degrees of personal protection - Safety Vests!

    Safety, safety, safety, an important word that has a nice ring to it. In a climate where more and unfortunately more work place accidents are occurring day in and day out it’s vital for businesses to equip their workers with the right mechanism that will keep them protected against harm’s way. When it comes to safety, it would be safe to say that we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com pride ourselves in being an online leader in personal protection supplies. Safety is our middle name and one of our most prized pieces of safety equipment is our Safety Vests.

    Ideal for those who work in construction zones, outdoor roadside areas, shipping and receiving duties, and various industrial warehouse settings, our Safety Vests allow workers to be easily spotted amidst the fast pace settings where others are notified of their presence because of the reflective nature and fluorescent display of our Safety Vests. Available in various specifications such as our Class II fluorescent yellow with silver reflective tape strips or our Class III fluorescent yellow with silver reflective tape strips and orange trim, users are ensured of quality protection that is suitable even against the toughest of weather conditions. Users need to be covered when light settings are dim or during sunrise and twilight times. Users also need the type of Safety Vests that are durable and lasting because physical work conditions and inclement weather situations will wear and tear if they aren’t built to last.

    What you can be assured of regarding our Safety Vests are their thickness capabilities which are 5 centimeters EN471 specifications. Not only that, they offer 360 degrees of visibility so that users experience total coverage. Plus, users will not be bogged down because our vests are lightweight and available in multiple size ranges. Our Safety Vests are available in bulk options at low cost pricing so that you can equip your work crews without the burdened of high expenses. Yes, there are many vendors you could select from but when it comes to price, performance and swift purchase order delivery, we are your proven source for Safety Vests and much more! Be sure to view our entire website so that we may supply you with the finest in industrial packaging, first aid medical and safety supply products.

  • Why you need Colored Stretch Wrap?

    Some things are just way too complicated. However, one thing that is not is stretch wrap. Stretch Wrap doesn’t require much time, effort or thought to be effective for you packaging needs. Colored Stretch Wrap adheres to itself and will sort of remind you of packing tape, except without glue. You’ll certainly notice that it’s easy to apply and in most applications, lightweight. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a premier leader for manufacturing and distributing premium quality Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap.

    Colored Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap

    When it comes to stocking all sizes, all colors, all styles and custom orders, our quality is substantial, our prices are above all and our shipments are swift. Does not color express life? Does not color express excitement? Does not color draw attention? Well, maybe you’re the type of company that ships huge loads to distributors throughout and you’re wondering, “What significance will Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film or Color Hand Wrap make on my business”? Frankly speaking, a huge difference! The usage of Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap is twofold because color can be a means of stock staging your orders, stock coding your products and separating your shipments from all competition.

    This film is the resource that you use when you are aimed at stabilizing your pallet load and avoiding liability damages. Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap is also good for concealing packages from onlookers. This is good for shippers who would like their contents not easily viewed by possible competitors. This is also good for deflecting glare that is normal amongst other forms of stretch film. Stretch Film is a product that answers all the questions for your shipping, storage and packaging needs. You don’t want to “blow it” by using other kinds of palletizing equipment that doesn’t fend well for your safe shipping and packaging procedures, less labor strain on workers or financial benefits. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com makes this film is easy to get a hold of because it’s readily available on our website for your purchasing needs.



  • Protecting your arm from harm — Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves!

    A product that is prime for personal protection against foreign particles such as hair follicles, perspiration, germs, oils and chemicals, our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves are the solution you need to void off these agents and keep your goods safeguarded. Fast paced environments associated with food assembly services, food service companies, labs and chemical companies must solicit a solution like our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves to keep from ruining their products.

    Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves

    When talking about food service

    Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves assure patrons that they are getting the finest in food preparation which maintains the integrity of their service practices. One the most difficult businesses to operate, food service is an area where you need all your “t’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted because what person wants to intake a contaminated dish? I know gross ugh? Form fitting and equipped with elastic banding so that they fit all arm sizes and secure tightly to negate slippage and annoying loose fitting, our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves will not compromise your efficiency and effectiveness.

    When talking about health concerns

    Our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves protect workers who suffer from latex allergens. Widely accepted across the board because companies can avoid added medical expenses due to their workers being negatively affected by latex oversleeves, vinyl is not only more efficient in cost but performance. It may be true that regarding preference wise, many people like what they like however many customers who have chosen vinyl over latex have not only safeguarded themselves from allergic reactions, but have not compromised performance at all.

    When talking about performance

    Yes, it is key to obtain growth and reduce expenses so that profit gains can be accomplished but not only do our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves perform well in function but in cost as well. Since this product is a one size fit all and one time use support, you will need to equip your staff with bulk amounts so that they are able to be well equipped for long periods of time. If you own a large company we are the vendor you need to equip you with endless amounts. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your reliable source for high quality Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves. Don’t hesitate to view our website to find the finest in personals protection equipment.

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