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  • Packaging Essentials Guide 02: Why Choosing an Appropriate Packaging Tape is Important?

    We are delighted to come back again with another packaging guide that focuses on the importance of selecting the right packaging tape for the right job. Our previous post HOW USING SHIPPING MAILING ENVELOPES CAN SAVE $$$ OF LOSSES TO BUSINESSES elaborated on how businesses can save greatly on shipping costs. In this post, you will get to know about the various types of industrial tapes available and their applications.

    Your packaging methods must display a clear message of neatness and tidiness. When it comes to different packaging materials serving different purposes, it is obvious that different kinds of industrial tapes would serve for certain applications better. It is ridiculous to use a filament tape to stick large packaging boxes, isn’t it?

    Packaging Essentials Guide

    What factors need to be considered while selecting a packaging tape?

    • Application
    • Packaging Weight
    • Size of the Tape Dispenser


    Application: Ideally, packaging tapes perform two types of applications – storage boxes or shipping boxes. For storage purposes, we recommended using acrylic packaging tapes as they are capable of handling various temperatures and have proven to maintain its seal for nearly more than three years. For shipping boxes, hot melt tapes (synthetic rubber) are more suitable as they have superior holding power while offering temperature sustainability.

    Packaging Weight: Before going into the details of the types of packaging tapes, let us understand the basic measurements:



    Lightweight envelopes and mailers < 2 mil
    Packages up to 70 lbs 2-3 mil
    Packages up to 100 lbs 3 or >3 mil


    Tape Dispenser Size: If you are machine wrapping your packages, make sure that the dispensers correspond to the core sizes of the tapes as otherwise the tape would not fit the dispenser.

    Packaging Essentials Guide

    What are the different types of Industrial Tapes?

    At we offer various types of packaging tapes including Gummed Tape, Filament Tape, Duct Tape, Masking Tape, Aisle Marking Tape, Rubber Tape and Strapping Tape – each of them perfectly suitable for a specific purpose.

    Gummed Tape available at

    Gummed Tapes are awesome tapes securing edges and strengthening cartons to reduce material waste. The tape seems to become a part of the box when wetted and applied to a corrugated carton. This creates a reliable seal that looks professional too.

    Filament Tape available at

    Filament Tapes are tapes having fiber glass filament that runs down the whole length of the tape. These are generally used when binding electric wires.

    Strapping Tape (Black & White) available at

    Strapping Tapes are white/black colored tapes that are very similar to the Filament Tapes with added tensile strength        for bundling fishing tools, yard equipment, or curtains. These can also be used to repair the spines of a damaged book.

    Duct Tapes available at

    Duct Tapes that are also known as cloth back tapes are excellent varieties that serve multiple purposes. Their high adhesion levels, flexibility, and durability, the duct tapes are widely used in repairs, construction jobs, marking and other duct works.

    Masking Tape available at

    Masking Tape, also known as Painters’ Tape has low adhesion for sensitive jobs such as painting. These help creating fine clear lines protecting certain areas.

    Asile Marking Tapes available at

    Aisle Marking Tapes are very helpful in instilling safety of workers at site. They are available in colored as well as stripped varieties and create safe pathways for workers who work at warehouses, construction sites or any hazardous environments.

    From the above, it is obvious that industrial tapes do not only serve the purpose of protecting shipments from getting apart, but also strengthen them to perform their specific functions hassle-freely. Visit to browse through the wide range of tapes we stock for varied industrial as well as domestic usage.

  • Packaging Essentials Guide 01: How Using Shipping Mailing Envelopes Can Save $$$ of Losses to Businesses

    Is there a smarter way of packaging? Yes, there surely is. It is not just a complementary service for manufacturers. Instead, it has become a major component of businesses as exterior is what speaks first to the customers. Here, we are not just meaning the attractiveness of the packing material. The complete product quality depends on how it is packed within the packaging material and whether it is in its original form when it reaches in the end-users’ hands. That single wrongly packed piece can cost you negative feedback and reviews from customers resulting in reduced revenue for that particular month or quarter. It then takes quite some time to regain the same market position and some more if competitors plunge in to take advantage of your situation. We are going to illustrate the complete packaging essentials guide that will help you choose the right product for the right requirement.

    Packaging Essentials Guide

    Should businesses anticipate this loss or take steps to prevent it?

    Ideally, loss is a part of the business game. However, if there are ways to avoid it in the first place, why to go through the ordeal of reconstruction? In spite of making up for the losses, the time and money can be better utilized in other beneficial activities.

    Today, the packaging industry has gone far beyond simple wrappers and envelopes. Let’s concentrate on the most common packing materials i.e. Shipping Mailing Envelopes. There are shipping mailing envelopes that serve multiple purposes while saving huge on the shipping losses and product damages.

    Packaging Essentials Guide

    What are the types of Shipping Mailing Envelopes available in the market?

    • Kraft Bubble Mailers
    • Bubble Out Bags
    • Returnable Poly Mailers
    • Packing List Envelopes
    Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Kraft Bubble Mailers

    Kraft Bubble Mailers: With a featherweight construction, these mailing envelopes serve as the most economical packaging tools as they do not add up to the weight of the total package and allow to write some important information on the plain yellow or white exterior while the internal bubble lining prevents any kind of damage to the packed product. The Poly Bubble Mailer variety provides advanced safety to the items as it resists moisture, dust, dirt, and other environmental attacks too. So, they can be used to ship fragile items too.

    Bubble Out Bag available at Bubble Out Bag

    Bubble Out Bags: These protect the shipments he most as the puncture resistant, complete bubble packaging secures the items from extreme conditions and rough use during shipping. They feature superior burst strength and thus protect the items packed within. Moreover, they are recyclable too. In addition to the transparent varieties, there are also Metallic Bubble Mailers, sometimes also referred to as Glamour Bubble Mailers that offer a range of colorful bubbled protections for themed shipping intentions.

    Returnable Poly Mailers available at Returnable Poly Mailers

    Returnable Poly Mailers: Innovation for convenience is perfectly portrayed in this variety of Shipping Envelopes. It reduces turnaround time for companies or customers as the party would just have to peel off the second strip and return the product using the same envelope. They are usually available in white and grey combination while clear, transparent mailers are also available for advertising purposes.

    Packing List Envelopes available at Packing List Envelopes

    Packing List Envelopes: Communicating is an important aspect of ethical packaging practices. This is a type of packaging envelope that speaks to the receiver of the important details about the packed products.

    Isn’t it a good idea to stock enough quantities of all the above types of Shipping Envelopes to be ready whenever needed? We, at provide a large variety of shipping envelopes and other extremely useful packaging and shipping supplies at very economical prices. Visit us at or call 1-800-456-2467 to discuss further details.

  • The Stretch Wraps Advantage – Stretch, Wrap, & Secure

    Packaging supplies are designed to promote less laborious and more cost-efficient packaging methods. One of the products that contribute majorly to the industry is Stretch Wrap, which is sometimes also referred to as Stretch Films. These are easy to use wrapping materials that are mostly demanded due to their utility and efficiency. These stretch wraps are used excessively for palletizing huge loads as they require a packaging material that adheres to them strongly and also holds the different items together firmly.

    Stretch Wraps available at Stretch Wraps

    They are made from stretchable plastic film that consists of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and the elasticity it provides enables a firm bond against the other items packed together. With so much advantage and ease of application, the stretch wraps result in a reduction in product loss, load tampering and worker injury. They also protect packages from the external environmental conditions such as dust, dirt, and moisture. The various varieties of stretch wraps serve different specifications such as UV protection and opacity. The UVI stretch films are constructed specifically for protecting the packaged goods against UV (ultra violet) rays while colorful stretch wraps make the pallets distinguishable and foster opacity that does not expose the packed items to anyone around maintaining privacy of businesses. They wrap individual items together and thereby add strength to the complete parcel. This extensively reduces individual or the palletized load’s risk of damage and saves the chances of losses to the business. An additional advantage worth mentioning here is that it reduces the storage space as the stretch wraps allow stacking the items one above the other. Also, they increase worker’s productivity by easy wrapping and securing pallet loads. An interesting quality of the stretch wraps is that they can secure loads of different shapes together that can usually not be stacked in a normal square configuration.

    Having known the benefits, it is time to package your loads effectively and efficiently. We, the team, extend our service to you by providing high quality stretch wraps for your business. You can visit us at or call us at 1-800-456-2467 to discuss the pricing and shipping quantities you need.

    Happy Wrapping!!!

  • 5 Chemicals That Essentially Require Using Disposable Gloves

    Industrial hygiene and safety are vital elements for industrial effectiveness. There are quite a few things which must not be handled bare-handedly. For serving the purpose well and preventing contamination, industrial gloves are worn by workers who come directly in contact with certain elements. Let us have a closer look at which chemicals are dangerous if touched without wearing industrial gloves.

    Wood Stains

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    Wood stains are chemical compositions that are applied as a coating over wooden surfaces. They are available in a variety of consistencies and have different chemical compositions. Certain chemicals found in these stains like ethyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, latex, ethylene glycol, etc. are harmful if accidently consumed. Therefore, before working with this kind of chemical it is recommended to use vinyl or latex disposable gloves that provide chemical resistance.


    Pesticides are harmful if consumed. They contain paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, and capsaicin that are potentially dangerous to the human body. To stay safe while coming in contact with these chemicals, specific types of industrial gloves must be used. For example, nitrile, vinyl, and industrial grade latex disposable gloves are resistant to naphthalene while only nitrile gloves are protective against paradichlorobenzene since it is made from a synthetic glove material.

    Specialty Chemicals

    Industrial Gloves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    These types of chemicals are usually produced to perform a specific function and may be a composition of a single or a blend of chemicals. The specialty chemicals are usually used in agriculture, oil, construction, electronics, and consumer goods industry and are always required to be handled with care using industrial gloves.

    Paint Thinners and Lacquer

    Both of these are harsh solvents that are very harmful if handled without wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Lacquer and paint thinners are usually used in the construction, automobile, maritime, and retail industries and pose potential risks if not handled with care. It may cause skin irritation, dermatitis, or numbness if made direct contact with. If continued for a while, it may also lead to liver disease or increase the risk of cancer. Thus for safety reasons, people who are exposed to these substances often, must use disposable gloves.

    Salon Chemicals

    Humans have a strong affiliation to using unnatural substances and the most are often used in salons. While handling these chemical compositions, it is important that users wear industrial gloves to remain safe from infections. Nitrile disposable gloves are resistant to chemicals and puncture-resistant and can be reliably used for safety purposes.

    To order industrial gloves now at discounted rates, please visit

  • Why You Should Use Tamper-Proof Packaging & Shipping Supplies?

    Packaging is no more a complementary service provided by businesses now-a-days. It is a major component of routine activities and plays an essential role in establishing a business’s brand identity. Apart from various other benefits that you must look for in a packaging material, one of the most important features is tamper-resistance. Security and safety of the packages is important as no one would intend to ship damaged products to the other end. If you belong to a pharmaceuticals company, tamper resistant packaging is an obligation and for others it provides a value addition to the supply chain.

    Tamper Evident Bag available at Packaging Supplies by mail Tamper Evident Bag

    During shipment, objects are subjected to a various climatic, natural, and environmental conditions which can cause harm to the composition and appearance of the packed product. While in transit, it is also possible that the goods are mishandled by third-party courier services. The shipping supplies used by businesses to transfer goods from one place to another must comply with the industry standards and prevent any kind of damage that would cause huge losses in certain cases. The packaging supplies must importantly be tamper-resistant and tamper-evident so as to ensure that items reach in their original shape and size to the destined place. Also, the packaging must be convenient for end users.

    Below are some of the types of tamper-evident packaging:

    • For products that must have a cap/lid, a tamper evident shrink band can be used.
    • Jarred foods also can have a similar kind of shrink band but with a popping sound when it is opened for the first time. No pop means the item has been tampered with before.
    • Envelopes, pallets, or boxes can be secured with tamper evident tapes. Such tapes even leave some marks on the packaging material if tampered with.

    Tamper evident packaging is often confused for tamper resistant packaging. The former is quite self-explanatory. It is designed in a manner that resists access to the packaged product. Tamper evident packing supplies usually have a visible seal. Packaging Supplies By Mail is a complete packaging store shelving hundreds of varieties of packaging and shipping supplies. Look for more healthcare packaging supplies here:

  • How do Direct Thermal Printers Work?

    The printing technology that is used for direct thermal printing requires a special type of coated direct thermal label. Commonly used for printing barcodes on labels, the direct thermal printers, these require pairing up with the right kind of thermal labels to ensure best quality printing. Direct thermal printing applies heat directly to the paper which is heat-sensitive. Due to the heat transfer, a chemical reaction takes place and the image gets printed on the paper. This is the unique selling point of the direct thermal printers as they practically reduce the cost of printing as no ink, toner, or ribbon is involved.

    Direct Thermal Labels available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Direct Thermal Labels

    Direct Thermal Labels

    The printer that is used for printing on direct thermal labels contains a thermal head that houses hundreds of heating elements. Each of these heating elements is electronically controlled to emit just the right amount of thermal energy in a particular atmospheric condition when the printing process is on. The more the image is saturated, the longer it will last under specific conditions. The saturation must be minutely observed to understand the difference between less saturated image and a fully saturated one. Simply setting the direct thermal label printer to default settings isn’t always the solution or making adjustments in the heat settings with incomplete knowledge can lead to damaging the print heads.

    It is also important to choose the right kind of direct thermal labels for printing as all of them are not created equally. Depending on the chemical composition and process used, their sensitivity levels to light, heat, chemicals, abrasion, and moisture may vary greatly. The coating on direct thermal labels is as important as the chemical composition as it helps in protecting the printer itself. A good quality coating also extends the life of the print head and prevents forming of debris or residue on the print head. To ensure a fully saturated print from your direct thermal printer, you ought to seek to a reliable vendor who uses best in quality printing material. Packaging Supplies By Mail have been trusted by many packaging industries for their quality packaging and shipping supplies. To browse through the range of thermal labels offered, please visit or contact us at 1-800-456-2467.

  • Importance of First Aid Medical Supplies & Training at Workplaces

    First aid supplies save life and knowing how to use them is essential, may it be at home or workplaces. Since certain industrial workplaces are more susceptible to accidents, they ought to be well-stocked with medical supplies that could be used at the emergency hour.

    To buy a kit and put it in a safe place without knowing how to use it ever is easy. Most people have a notion that they are never going to need it. And then, they expire, deteriorate and will not be of any use when an emergency occurs and someone’s life is actually needs them at the very moment. So, to avoid certain mishaps at workplaces, the first aid kits must be regularly checked and items must be added or replaced whenever required. A basic first aid kit at industrial set-ups must include medical scissors, tongue depressors, ammonia inhalants, thermometers, disinfectants, diabetic first aid supplies, and some industry specific equipment. There must be an in-charge who regularly keeps a check on the kit and replace an expired or already item from the kit so that it is always ready to serve those in need. Also, for such critical circumstances, you cannot afford to have low-quality products. So, stock your shelves only with quality medical supplies from reliable suppliers like Packaging Supplies By Mail who have been serving the market from long years.

    First Aid Kits available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    Only stocking medical supplies is not enough. Knowing emergency treatment techniques is also important. Although most of the people think they know how to treat a person using the emergency kit, a proper training is required for certain complex situations as working with hazardous materials and machinery could lead to unexpected and dangerous situations. Some workplaces are greatly exposed to injury risks due to the machinery and chemicals they use. In an emergency, it is utmost required that others who are going to help must be calm and confident about the care as it would directly affect the injured one.

    By this time you must be convinced that having a good stock of medical supplies is very essential at workplaces. We, at Packaging Supplies By Mail take industrial safety seriously and contribute by offering this medical equipment at very economical prices. Please contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to order your first aid kit now or place your order at our website

  • It’s July 4th - Look in for Amazing & Reasonably Priced Packing Materials

    The reds, blues, and whites are spurring out of the junk boxes and have suddenly gained more importance. Yes, it is the independence week and July 4th calls for a special occasion to celebrate with these colors. Shops are flooded with gift items and the masses are excited to exchange gifts with their loved ones. Not only do the general masses but businesses also take this opportunity to strengthen relations by presenting some sort of token on this special day.

    Independence Day Packaging Ideas available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Independence Day Packaging Ideas

    Although gift items matter a lot, what’s more interesting is how your gift packaging looks like and how you choose to ship your gift. Intelligent manufacturers have devised ways to make interesting packaging material that would add up more meaning to the gift you choose. The kind of packaging you select determines your personal interests and willingness while keeping the parcel safe throughout its journey. Kraft bubble mailers are the most trusted packaging supplies that are widely used due to their highly efficient performance over the years. They are awesome for packing non-fragile items like clothing, jewelry, etc. They are also lined at one side by bubbles which offer shock and temper resistance to the item packed within.

    A step ahead of the Kraft bubble mailers are the glamour bubble mailer, also known as metallic bubble mailers, that are shiny, glittering packaging materials – just perfect for gifting purpose. A gift looks amazingly curious and distinct from the other parcel items as the glamour bubble mailers are colorful, safe, tamper and weather-resistant and cost effective. Your Independence Day gift can be thoughtfully packed to promote your patriotism towards the nation while spreading happiness. Glamour mailers have dared to outrage the packaging industry traditions of using white and colorless materials and are being loved by the youngsters as it adds life to their gift item. Not only do they look attractive, but they protect your shipment and prevent them from getting damaged during transit. Shipping mailing envelopes are a collection of various types of mailers that are manufactured as per industry standards and are approved by third-party courier services like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

    Make this July 4, 2017 a memorable holiday by exchanging gifts securely and saving huge amounts on the packaging material. The Packaging Supplies By Mail online store has many exciting shipping supplies for your packaging and shipping needs. We are trusted sources of packaging and shipping material in the US and stock multiple sizes and numbers for some specific requirements. You can place your order at or call us at 1-800-456-2467 to know about the package size and quantity.

  • Are Polyethylene Gloves Right for Use in Food Industry?

    Food service industry demands high level of hygiene and thus all who handle food items at different levels must be equipped with the right kind of tool so that there are no chances of contamination. In locations where food is prepared or processed, special attention is given to food safety and cleanliness as consumers often see how and what they are being served. As food needs to be handled directly by hands, there must be a barrier which is both – safe and economical.

    Polyethylene Gloves available at Packaging  Supplies By Mail Polyethylene Gloves

    Amongst the many types of industrial gloves available on the market, disposable polyethylene gloves are the most economical gloves to be used in the food industry. They are light-weight gloves that are designed for quick jobs that provide easy pull-in and pull-out. People working in the food industry require gloves that are light-fitting so that they can work comfortably wearing those. Moreover, the poly gloves are very economical and least expensive of all glove types. Polyethylene gloves are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for short cooking as well as serving tasks. FDA states that all employees working with food items must wash their hands whenever they make contact with food. However, this cannot be monitored regularly, so the polyethylene gloves make a better option to remain safe and hygienic.

    The advantages of poly gloves over the other types of gloves make it the first choice for food industry workers. They are latex free, moisture-resistant and do not conform to the hands very closely – apt for busy workmen working in the food industry. Unlike nitrile or latex gloves, they are free from proteins and other powder forms that would possibly contaminate your food thereby causing allergic reaction to consumers. The polyethylene gloves also can be put to light cleaning tasks around homes such as arts, crafts, painting, etc.

    You will find just the right size and quantity of poly gloves at our online store. Packaging Supplies By Mail are reliable packaging supplies dealers who have served the industry with its quality products for long. Browse through all our categories or contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to place your order now.

  • Why Our Aluminum Foil Tapes are A Popular Adhesive Industrial Tape?

    The Aluminum foil tapes are commonly used in construction industries, HVAC installation and repair, and for electrical applications. The reason why these tapes find utility in such critical environments is because the Aluminum foil tapes possess certain qualities that are not found in any other variety of industrial tapes on the market. These tapes are chemical resistant, flame resistant, offer good thermal connectivity as well as light reflectance. The foil tapes can sustain all types of weather conditions and hence is the preferred choice for critical tasks.

    Aluminum Foil Tape available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Aluminum Foil Tape

    The Aluminum foil tapes have great temperature versatility and can work under varied range of temperatures i.e. from 248°F to -22°F and can be conveniently in temperature ranging from 14°F to 104°F.  In contrast to all other types of industrial tapes, these work comfortably in extremely cold temperatures too. Moreover, the foil tapes are made of an acrylic adhesive that gives an added advantage as acrylic holds the tape strongly in high temperature ranges too. Duct tapes, for instance are made with rubber adhesive that can delaminate the adhesive due to lower mechanical strength and poor aging resistance and act poorly under UV light. The acrylic adhesives make the aluminum foil tapes durable as compared to any other variety of industrial tapes. Also, due to their polar nature, they bond to the polar surfaces easily and strongly.

    Unlike mastic, the foil tape variety is a wonderful tool as it is not messy and doesn’t require any additional equipment or fasteners such as dry wall mesh, sheet metal screws, or scrap metal to seal large areas. It can be conveniently used to seal air handlers or holes in a furnace. The foil tapes work amazingly well at construction sites where pressure sensitive tapes are generally used.

    The Aluminum foil tapes offer better thermal stability, cohesion, adhesion, and strength than the rubber adhesives. Neither high temperatures nor UV exposure – the foil tapes are taken down by none. You get a huge variety of wholesale industrial tapes at the Packaging Supplies By Mail online store. You can place your order by visiting or calling us at 1-800-456-2467.

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