If you’re looking for an alternative to boxes and other, pricier packaging devices, consider switching to poly bubble mailers. Poly bubble mailers can work just as well as stiff cardboard boxes and packages, and they provide a slew of other benefits besides. To help you better understand why they’re so great, here’s the ultimate guide to poly bubble mailers, their benefits, and why you should switch to them. Whether you’re mailing a gift, running a business, or have a side gig at home, poly bubble mailers are a packing and shipping supply to keep well-stocked.


Kraft paper mailers and corrugated cardboard boxes are classic and reliable means for shipping items, but the cost starts to add up the more you buy. Poly mailers and poly bubble mailers tend to run cheaper than paper product packaging, letting you stock up and be prepared for shipments at a lower price. Often, you can reuse poly mailers, which can also cut down on waste. Buy poly bubble mailers wholesale to save even more!


On a planet that’s mostly water, your packages are statistically likely to be left out in the snow or rain, or they may find themselves sitting in a puddle or other damp area. Poly mailers are composed of polyethylene film, which is waterproof and repels any excess water. Poly bubble mailers keep your products, gifts, or what have you dry, even if they’re not up high!

Space Saving

A box has a fixed height, weight, and depth. So does a poly bubble mailer, but its composition leaves it a little lighter and thinner, so it can fit into smaller spaces. This pays off when shippers need to stack and store your package along with others. A stiff cardboard box won’t budge from a space and takes up valuable room in a van, truck, or cargo hold of a ship or plane. A poly bubble mailer, however, can find space anywhere.

Durable but Flexible

The next part of the ultimate guide to poly bubble mailers addresses another big benefit: the fact that they’re both tough and soft at the same time. The composition of a poly mailer helps it resist the sort of punctures, bumps, dents, tears, and crushing that can affect cardboard boxes. Simultaneously, mailers are more flexible, which means they can take rougher handling without being broken or busted up. Their flexibility also allows poly bubble mailers to accommodate oddly shaped items and smaller, looser materials. And if you think strength only comes from extra layers of corrugated cardboard, know that poly bubble mailers come in different degrees of thickness. A lighter poly bubble mailer can provide as much protection as a thick cardboard package.

Extra Light

It’s hard to think of paper as being heavy, but remember where it comes from: wood. Wood is dense, and when you get enough of it together, it can weigh you down. Conversely, poly mailers are mostly air, and they don’t have the extra weight that paper products, especially corrugated cardboard, can load onto a pallet or shipping container. That can add up when it comes to postage and handling charges. Using lightweight poly bubble mailers can help you save big by reducing the weights of your shipments, which means you can send out more poly mailer bubble packages at far less cost than paper or cardboard boxes.

Padded Protection

It should go without saying that the bubble wrap interior is the true difference between poly bubble mailers and other envelopes, packages, and boxes. Lightweight and self-contained, it cushions and protects the contents—you don’t need to add extra packing material the way you do with shipping boxes and crates. The bubble wrap stays inside, too, so you can reuse or recycle it for future shipments.

Branding Purposes

Like any packaging, poly bubble mailers are great canvases for branding. Choose mailers in your company’s colors, or have them custom printed with your logo, slogan, and other marks of your brand. Poly bubble mailers also provide the opportunity to insert messaging and even the occasional gift to reward faithful customers and ensure they come back.

Go Greener

Poly bags are made of plastic, but that doesn’t mean they’re all bad. In fact, poly mailers take less energy to create than paper products, and while, as we mentioned, you can reuse them, many poly mailers are also recyclable. For reuse purposes, keep in mind that customers can use mailers with an extra self-sealing tape setup for returns, but let them know they can recycle mailers as well. The lightness of poly bags also means less stress on the cars, vans, trucks, ships, and planes that carry them. That means less fuel burned and less wear and tear on the roads and environment.

Ideal for Shipping Certain Products

Some products and materials are better suited for mailing in a poly bubble mailer, including advertising and marketing items, clothing and handmade products, cosmetics, health items, books, and more. Honestly, everything that you can ship in a cardboard box can be sent out just as well, if not better, in a poly bubble mailer. If you’re shipping an item that’s unlikely to break or become damaged on its journey, save a few bucks by sending it out in a poly bubble mailer.

Tips and Tricks

Be sure you’re getting the most out of your poly bubble mailers by using them properly. Make sure you’re not overstuffing a mailer with too large an item. Allow a little room between the edges and the thing you’re shipping—not too much room, though! You don’t want the item to shift around too much. Go for a fit that is snug without being tight. Remember that bubble mailers provide an extra layer of protection and thickness as well, so keep that in mind when packing it all together.

Those are the basics of poly bubble mailers! Keep this information in mind when deciding on the best possible way to ship your goods, and please contact us if you have any questions.


The Ultimate Guide to Poly Bubble Mailers