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Industrial Supplies

Welcome to We are your leading source for quality industrial packaging supplies. Whether it's our Re-closable Bags, Stretch Films, Tapes, Gloves, Mailing / Shipping Envelopes, Health Care Packaging Products, or Shipping Accessories, Poly Mailer, Poly Bubble Mailer, Kraft Bubble Mailer, you can be certain that you're receiving premium grade packaging solutions according to your desired needs. With all of our products we cover a wide range of variety, enabling our buyers to directly locate specific products and sizes, which will allow them to explore alternative options that may prove to be a more suitable preference.

For example, in Stretch Film we feature cast, blown, machine, anti-ultra violet, economy, and eco-friendly, colored, bio-degradable, anti-rust, netting, and vented. Now within those choices we supply multiple sizes and applications, giving our valued customers a collective base and variety of sufficient Stretch Wrap that will accommodate various circumstances. Let's face it some materials must be protected from ultra violet sun rays, others from rust, others need ventilation, and "going green" is important for the conservation of our environment.

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