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Finger Tip Protection

  • Ergonomic fit
  • Provides protection
  • Allows speed and efficiency
  • Comfortable
  • Firm feel
Finger Tip Protection

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PackagingSuppliesByMail.com team are concerned about our clients’ safety, so we stock a high quantity of medical and safety supplies. Our fingertip protectors aim at shielding delicate fingers, and are designed to ergonomically fit your fingers and protect them from getting hurt while performing critical tasks. Also, speed and efficiency are key parameters they contribute to. Fingers are always functional, whether it be typing, holding, cooking, playing, or speaking (for gestures) and you cannot afford to lose their dexterity.


Our finger cots are manufactured with the highest quality products so that they are comfortable to use on your hands while providing the required amount of firmness. For performing certain tasks, it is not necessary to cover the full palm as that would slow down your performance. In such cases, instead of purchasing industrial gloves, fingertip protectors can be used.


We have finger tip protectors that are comfortable to wear, easy to carry, efficient, and the most affordable safety supplies. The finger guards, finger cots, and safe-t-tapes available at our online store are reliable solutions for scraps, pricks, or scars. When doing gardening tasks, mechanical repairs, and wood working tasks, our fingertip protection equipment is very useful. 

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