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Cold Heat Therapy

  • Comfort against multiple ailments
  • Diminishes pain
  • Cold packs, cold/heat packs, and heat packs.
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Cold Heat Therapy

For certain ailments that demand a therapy requiring high or low temperatures to be applied on the wound and surrounding areas, our Cold and Heat Therapy products are a solution. Our cold and heat therapy products offer relief to the hurting by providing warmth to wounds that tend to heal faster with heat induction and coolness to wounds that require a cool environment for better and speedy recovery.


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PackagingSuppliesByMail.com has always been a market leader in providing healthcare products to industries. With our Cold and Heat therapy products, we wish to establish safety standards that remain unmatched. Our aim is to spread and promote good health, and for that, we stock our online store with quality and effective products. Our Instant Cold Packs and Hot Packs are a ready and convenient solution for post-treatment therapies. Also, they are priced economically to let you stock enough quantities for immediate use whenever required.

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