There is a large variety of commercial bandaging material available for treating various types of discomfort, pain, etc. One, in particular, the bandage wrap is made of cotton or gauze elastic. Bandage wraps are featured in sterile as well as non-sterile and they come in various sizes and styles. For example, a triangular one is quite versatile and can be used as an arm sling or for binding splints together. They complement the medicinal dressing applied to wounds, which one can use for various purposes to get complete comfort.

Bandage Wraps

Elastic Bandage Wraps is one of those products that are apt for supporting your minor injuries. Easy to use, store and afford, this is one of the most recommended minor relief forms available. Whether it's needed for compression support, dressing support or preventative methods, these wraps are commonly used throughout the average sporting and recreational scene. One of the attributes that make this product successful is its elasticity. The elastic factor it provides makes this care source able to be effective in all areas of the body if need be. Although there are many kinds of bandage wraps available and useful, Elastic Bandage Wraps is not limited to a specific application, it's versatile. 

To avoid infection and contamination, sterile gauze is useful as it prevents harmful bacteria to reach the injured part. It adds necessary pressure to the wound so it can be healed as quickly as possible. The non-sterile bandages help to mold the body easily. They have an open weave design and help the fluids to pass through from the primary dressing, with the ability to absorb the liquid. Below are informative details about various forms of bandage wraps:



Performance Features

Co-Flex Bandage Wrap




Maintains compression without negating circulation




Self-adhesive Gentle feel, functions superbly


secondary bandage for overwrapping primary dressing

Medi-Rip Bandage/Dukal


99% woven cotton yarn

Elastic designed compression wrap

Substitute for adhesive tape


Elastic Bandage Wrap


Polyester knit/Latex free


Offers a higher sustainability of extended compression and its ideal for sports related injuries

Gauze (Non-Sterile)


Open weave design which allows primary fluid dressing to be easily absorbed


Excellent conformity and secured grip

Gauze (Sterile)


Open weave design which allows primary fluid dressing to be easily absorbed


Sterile-reinforces safety against infection

Triangular Bandage


Equipped with 2 safety pins

100% Cotton

Ideal for arm sling or splint binding applications

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