Industrial hygiene and safety are vital elements for industrial effectiveness. There are quite a few things which must not be handled bare-handedly. For serving the purpose well and preventing contamination, industrial gloves are worn by workers who come directly in contact with certain elements. Let us have a closer look at which chemicals are dangerous if touched without wearing industrial gloves.

Industrial Gloves

Wood Stains

Wood stains are chemical compositions that are applied as a coating over wooden surfaces. They are available in a variety of consistencies and have different chemical compositions. Certain chemicals found in these stains like ethyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, latex, ethylene glycol, etc. are harmful if accidently consumed. Therefore, before working with this kind of chemical it is recommended to use Vinyl or Latex Disposable Gloves that provide chemical resistance.


Pesticides are harmful if consumed. They contain paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, and capsaicin that are potentially dangerous to the human body. To stay safe while coming in contact with these chemicals, specific types of industrial gloves must be used. For example, nitrile, vinyl, and industrial grade Latex Disposable Gloves are resistant to naphthalene while only nitrile gloves are protective against paradichlorobenzene since it is made from a synthetic glove material.

Specialty Chemicals

These types of chemicals are usually produced to perform a specific function and may be a composition of a single or a blend of chemicals. The specialty chemicals are usually used in agriculture, oil, construction, electronics, and consumer goods industry and are always required to be handled with care using Industrial Gloves.

Paint Thinners and Lacquer

Both of these are harsh solvents that are very harmful if handled without wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Lacquer and paint thinners are usually used in the construction, automobile, maritime, and retail industries and pose potential risks if not handled with care. It may cause skin irritation, dermatitis, or numbness if made direct contact with. If continued for a while, it may also lead to liver disease or increase the risk of cancer. Thus for safety reasons, people who are exposed to these substances often, must use disposable gloves.

Salon Chemicals

Humans have a strong affiliation to using unnatural substances and the most are often used in salons. While handling these chemical compositions, it is important that users wear industrial gloves to remain safe from infections. Disposable Gloves are resistant to chemicals and puncture-resistant and can be reliably used for safety purposes.

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