You may send out hundreds or even thousands of packages a day as part of your business, but do you ever give any thought to the tape that binds them? Probably not. Tape is one of those everyday tools we use and reuse but never ponder, which is a shame because tape holds together a lot more than packages. Tape works to ensure your products get to your customers in one piece. If you’ve never wondered why tape is so important in packaging and shipping, here’s a list of the safety, security, and overall protection it offers!!

Tape Has Staying Power

By saying tape has staying power, we mean it’s been around for almost 175 years since the invention of pressure-sensitive adhesive. Adhesive tape has recently seen its 100th anniversary since its creation by German pharmacist Oscar Troplowitz, and it’s come in handy around the home and office in many different forms ever since. And yet, even though we keep it around and in good supply, do we ever think about all the great stuff tape does, especially regarding order packing tape and other adhesive packing materials? Allow us to enlighten you!

Tape Provides Strength

Without order packing tape, your package is an easily opened box. Packing tape, on average, has a tensile strength of 20 to 22 pounds, which is how much pressure the tape can take before it snaps. Other tapes are available that offer as much as 170 pounds of tensile strength. But in most cases, 22 pounds is all you need for a typical mailing package. Your packing tape isn’t just keeping the box sealed; it keeps it together and resists popping open in the event of the package being dropped, piled on, or otherwise mishandled.

Tape Provides Safety

So we know your package won’t pop open in transit because of the great job you did sealing it with high-tensile strength packing tape. How safe does it keep your product inside? Strapping and packing tape work together to keep your goods and materials snug and secure in their packaging, further preventing damage and instability. Strapping tape is especially good for keeping small parts, doors, drawers, and other loose and movable pieces from coming loose in transit, risking spoilage and extensive damage from the bumps, jostles, and shocks along the way. With strapping tape, you don’t have to worry about it leaving marks, stains, or bits of itself behind on your products. It provides safety along the way without requiring too much muscle or clean-up at the end of the journey!

Tape Provides Security

Are you worried about thieves? While tape can’t keep packages from being stolen, it can keep thieves out or, at least, show evidence that they were there. Water-activated tape seals packages and protects your goods while making it extra difficult for thieves to slip their hands in and steal the contents. It can even make it harder for them to tear the packages open. Water-sealed tape is also hard to get off without tearing, so the tape leaves traces of itself behind on the packaging in case of intrusion. If you need to provide tamper-resistant packaging, water-activated tape provides strength, is tough, and provides clear evidence when someone has breached a package.

Tape Can Aid in Your Branding

Never miss an opportunity to remind a customer where their package came from when you customize your tape! While it’s perfectly fine to invest in typically colored packing tapes—you can’t go wrong with the business-like colors of brown or tan—adding a touch of color or tapes printed with your logo on them goes a long way with customers. It makes your packaging memorable, thus making you memorable. Believe it or not, when you provide great service and products, people will get excited at the sight of your packing tape!

Tape Can Help You Save

We’ve talked about what tape can do, now let’s talk about how much you should use and how a good amount of tape can add up to greater profits. Get to know your packing tape and figure out how to use the least to get the most value out of your packing and shipping. You don’t need to apply a good order packing tape in double or triple layers to make it effective. Pick the right tape, and you’ll be amazed by how far a basic H-shape application can go. When calculating logistics, pick the tape that works best for you.

Tape Protects Against the Elements

It’s amazing how a cardboard box, reinforced paper, can survive heat, rain, sleet, snow, and more. Give it an extra level of weatherproofing with tape! Masking tape, Scotch tape, and cheaper brands of packing tape have little to no durability and won’t stay sticky when it comes to inclement weather, leaving your customers’ packages at the mercy of the elements. Choose water-activated tape or packing tapes with rubber-based adhesive to ensure those packages stay sealed, even if the heavens rain down!

Tape Helps Your Packages Soar

We’ve covered many good points about why tape is so important in packaging and shipping. Here’s another. Packages properly secured with order packing tape stay closed, of course, which makes it easier for postal workers and shipping and receiving professionals to handle, stack, organize, and send them through the assorted sorting machinery without a problem. That’s important. The embarrassment and cost of sending a package that arrives damaged in the customer’s mailbox are as bad as it never arriving at all. Tape is your packaging’s passport. Ensure it’s all in order so it can fly (or drive or sail) to its ultimate destination.

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Why Tape Is So Important in Packaging and Shipping