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Resealable Poly Bags

About Our Resealable Poly Bag Products


Resealable poly bags are made from polyethylene and have a light adhesive closure. These self-sealing bags are made from transparent plastic allowing the contents to be displayed. The plastic used in these polyethylene bags is low-density polyethylene (LPDE), a strong and durable material that is also waterproof. This helps to protect the contents while in storage or transit.

These bags seal with a temporary adhesive that is applied to the top lip of the bag. First, remove the peel-off strip from the adhesive and then simply press and seal the lip into place. This secures the contents within polyethylene bags and prepares them for packaging, warehousing, and shipping. The clear adhesive is undetectable and will not interfere with the user's viewing experience. To open, simply peel back the lip and remove the contents. The applied adhesive is low tack so it will not interfere while adding or removing contents from the bag. Adhesive bags can be easier to use than zipper-top bags as there is no need to align anything. This limits frustration and can be helpful when efficiency is needed.

Because of the use of adhesive, these polyethylene bags can be reused. This is useful for products that require temporary parts that may need to be stored occasionally. Although the reusable adhesive seal will eventually wear out with use, the bags will remain sealed indefinitely while in storage.

Resealable bags are often used as an additional layer of protection in packing and shipping. Not only will they keep dust and debris out of the product, but they can also keep products from tangling together while in a combined package. They are commonly used to pack apparel, cloth items, photos, manuals, and posters among other items.

Polyethylene bags are available with suffocation warnings written on them in various languages. This helps to stay in compliance with regulations where required.

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