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Cast Stretch Wrap

  • Leader in industry standards
  • Prime for bundling
  • Unitizing packages
  • Light duty and heavy stacked large loads

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Cast Stretch Wrap

A uniqueness that Cast Stretch Wrap brings to users is the multiple forms it is sold in. For instance, it is available in bundle wrap, hand wrap, pallet wrap and machine wrap. This wrap is mostly noted for its clear view transparency, and this quality is good for warehouse storage as stockers can locate various specs from a distance so that they can better perform their location duties and arrangements.

Cast Stretch Wrap offers a good amount of stretch elongation so that packers may adjust tension levels to their own liking whether manually or mechanically. We sell Cast Stretch Wrap in a wide range of sizes from as small as 2” widths to as large as 30” widths, depending on the type of model application it is. We also offer various gauge thickness ranges, from 60-150 and quantity ranges from a single roll to bulk pallet amounts.

Stretch wrap is the way to go if you aim to upgrade your packaging and storage procedures and this product is great not only for commercial purposes but for residential as well. We are proud to offer an entire catalog of Cast Stretch Wrap, and many have discovered that we offer the best quality and most competitive prices on the market.

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