Shipped goods are constantly shifting and moving when in transit. Traditional binders like twine, bungee cords, and poly strapping bands simply aren’t cut out for all the jostling and handling that occurs during loading and hauling. Improperly bound items are liable to loosen and fall apart when moving around the warehouse or from warehouse to warehouse; this, in turn, will yield poor customer relations, liabilities, and profit loss.

Thankfully, netting wrap is here as a permanent, low-cost solution for the various kinds of transit dangers your goods will face. Designed to withstand most storage and transportation conditions, this wrap offers superior tensile strength and great ventilation to guarantee that your shipments will arrive at their destination undamaged and unspoiled.


What Is Net Wrap?


Netting wrap is a high-clarity, specialty plastic film that is comprised of thin, durable fibers. These fibers not only give the plastic wrap extra strength and durability, but they also make the material highly breathable. The film is tightly wrapped around palleted goods either by hand or with a wrapping machine. Through this process, the film holds the bundled contents together as a single, stabilized unit.


Rolls of netting wrap.


What Is It Used For?


Netting wrap is beloved by the food and garden industries for its toughness and ventilation. This film is commonly used to wrap organic and perishable goods, such as produce, frozen meat, flowers, agriculture, dairy products, and lumber. Unlike with common binders like twine and strapping bands, a pallet bound tightly with net wrap acts as a solid mass that minimizes or even eliminates the possibility of its contents shifting and loosening.

Although most often used with organics and perishables, net wrap is highly versatile and a practical solution in a wide variety of applications. Its breathability not only prevents condensation from inducing spoilage, but it also helps to regulate temperature so that your goods don’t overheat or cool off too quickly. As a plastic film, it is quick and easy to apply, compatible with both hand dispensers and wrap machines. Its strength and durability make it capable of withstanding most transportation conditions, stacking methods, and warehousing treatment.

For more information on netting wrap’s use in agriculture, the University of Georgia has a great article detailing how net wrap affects the storage of haybales while also comparing net wrap to twine and standard plastic wrap.

In conclusion, netting wrap is a strong, breathable, versatile, and cost-effective solution for storing your organic and perishable goods. If you are interested in getting some for yourself, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail offer a large assortment of specialty stretch wraps, including net wrap. Simply contact us and we can set you up with an order of netting wrap, guaranteed to protect your next shipment.